Epsom Salt and Autism

Posted on 19 October 2009 by admin

Magnesium Sulfate, aka. Epsom Salts have been around for a long, long time. We’ve used them for aches and pains, join aches after vigorous exercise or for a child who is feeling sick. When they have a cold or the flu, a nice warm bath with Epsom salts makes them feel better. Epsom salts has also been a remedy for constipation. You can take a can a little Epsom salts to help flush the bowels. As it turns out, Epsom salts are also a nice remedy for some children on the Autism spectrum. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is a mineral that is very relaxing to the body. Many people, particularly in the United States, have a deficiency in magnesium levels. That can contribute to sleeping problems, behavioral issues, cramping muscles and a tendency to just not feel well over all. Magnesium can be absorbed and can cause relaxation. If it is swallowed in bath water it can be beneficial for kids with constipation. The other component to Epsom salt is sulfate. Sulfate is commonly deficient in children with Autism. We can measure serum sulfate levels which most of the time are low. The biochemistry with kids on the Autism spectrum is quite unique and there are various deficits that happen where the sulfur chemistry becomes depleted. This is important because sulfur chemistry is deeply connected to detoxification. The detoxification system in our body is critical to rid the body of toxins and for many kids we know that toxicity is a big problem. Simply adding Epsom salts to your child’s bath can be a nice remedy not only to add magnesium but to add extra sulfate to their system as well. Normally you can add between 1 and 2 cups of Epsom salts. If you have never done Epsom salts, I would recommend 1/2 cup to their bath water for the first night. Some kids may have sensitive skin and may have some slight irritation but each night thereafter you can slowly increase the amount of Epsom salts depending on their reaction. On Average most kids in my practice use between 1 ½ to 2 cups of Epsom salts nightly, on occasion I have recommended 3 cups or more depending on their size and tolerance. Epsom salts is a nice remedy to add to your child’s bathwater at night, it can have a calming effect. Another thing to consider with respects to Epsom salts is that some kids have reactions to phenols. Phenols are chemicals in certain foods like dark fruits and vegetables. Phenol reaction for most kids can manifest as hyperactivity, irritability, agitation and a sense of being over excited with respects to behavior. We know that phenol sensitivity can also lead to headaches and psychiatric issues. A good example is artificial food colors. If you have seen your child have a behavioral problem after eating an artificial color you are likely seeing a phenol response. The chemical in the body that helps process phenols is sulfate. Through the sulfur chemistry system, if we add Epsom salts to the bath water at night we can start to increase the sulfate system in the body, improve the efficiency of sulfur chemistry and many times phenol sensitivities can be diminished. Think of Epsom salts as one biomedical remedy for your child simply by getting some Epsom salts from your local drugstore and adding it to their bath water on a nightly basis.

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  1. bruce parks Says:

    Responding usually isnt my thing, but i have spent an hour on the blog, so thanks for the great information .

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  2. Jason Been Says:

    My little 4 year old girl is on the autism spectrum…Doctors wont diagnose her one way or the other just yet. But I’m not taking any chances I want to do or try whatever I can to help her. Eliminating artificial colors and adding Cod Liver oil to her diet is what we just started. I want to try to Epsom salt now. Thank you so much!

  3. Tiffany Jackson, ND Says:

    Great Blogs! I will send patients and doctors interested learning about biomedical autism treatments to your site.

  4. Tiffany Jackson, ND Says:

    In addition to epson salt baths, I have used the epson salt cream available throught New Beginnings Nutritionals on a couple patients and getting good results. have you used it? if so, what is your experience?

  5. jerry Says:

    It works both my autistic sons are doing better, it takes two weeks before you see positive signs. My youngest son, has started speaking and now makes eye contact.

  6. Estela Says:

    My 5 1/2 yr old son Santi is autistic and I have been massaging him with epsom salts mixed with almond oil as well as adding it to his bathwater.

    I ordered a chelation therapy so I’m excited about that.

    The best thing so far has been the Nystatin for killing candida…he is so much better after that.


  7. zay Says:

    i have used epsom salts for the last two nights for my son with autism who has just turned 6, and i started giving him multivitamins and probiotics from kirkman lab. today at school he felt tired and we came home he didnt get obsessed with the fridge as usual but he slept on my lap while in the living room at around 7:30. I dont think he is sick , because that is the only time he will sleep this time. I havent seen my son sleep through the night and then the second night sleep at 7:30 except when he was one year old. sleep has been a terrible issue with us and i am glad and hope that this will continue. every child with autism should be tried on epsom salt.

    i hope all well

  8. Sheba Spellman sams Says:

    Ryan Hawks is now 21.In Feb.2009 he started having seizures.Not often,every 3 months or so.This month he had 12 in sucession.He never had seizures before this.He is now on deprakote(6 a day) amd Keppra 2 a day,in addition he has not been sleeping but he used to sleep straight through the night every nite.He roams his room tearing up everything,videos,blankets pillows. He is also on supplements,calcium,mag,vit c and elderberry.
    I thought back and he use to be on more supplements.I wonder if something is missing as before 2009 we never had these problems.
    Hoping I can get him off the seizure medicine with something more natural.
    Thanks for all your help in the past.
    Sheba Spellman

  9. Mary Fischer Says:

    Hi Our 9 year old granddaughter has autism as well as genetic disorders. She spoke at age 2, and has not talked now for many years. She is Barking NON stop now. I feel she is either trying to communicate or is perhaps frustrated about something. I have not been around her much lately, and I will now give her parents a rest. I will try the Epsom Salt bath at night. Do you have any other suggestions.

  10. Daniela Says:

    Thank you for this info, I’m glad I found your blog.

  11. Navina Says:

    My son is allergic to epsom salts. I tried just 20 gms of epsom salt in his bath water(i made sure he did not drink it), but he developed cold, fever and diarrhea the next day. I read that some people are allergic to sulphates. Please advice what to do. My son is currently taking the following supplements-
    kirkmans multivitamin/mineral chewable wafers with xylitol
    EyeQ fish oil and nutrasea fish oil
    Enterogermina as probiotic
    On and off I give 400 mg of calcium glycinate with 100 mg of buffered magnesium glycinate(if I give an additional capsule of magnesium he gets loose stools)

  12. Joe Says:

    Really great article. I have been using a form of epsom salt on my son who has cerebal palsy and has shown a noticebale difference in his recovery and tone. Additionally has helped with constipation and helped manage his sleep schedule.

  13. Gabrielle Says:

    I started my 3 year old on epsom salt baths 2 weeks ago. I bathe him with it every night. I can’t find in any of my research how long should I continue the baths? Weeks, months, years? Any health concerns with prolonged use?

  14. autism Says:

    Thank you for posting a question on Dr. Woeller’s Autism Recovery Treatment blog site. Because of the high frequency of questions for Dr. Woeller via his numerous online resources he is unable to answer questions via this site. The best place to communicate with Dr. Woeller regarding Q&A for biomedical intervention is through the Parent Forum of Autism Action Plan website – http://www.AutismActionPlan.com. Dr. Woeller is readily available on this website for members.

  15. melissa Says:

    Just been reading about the epsom salts, my son who is 10 and has autism is addicted to water. Is it ok if he drinks the bath water with the salts in it, bacause it would be very hard to try and stop him. Thanks for any comments!!! p.s he drinks alot of water if in the bath.

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