Detoxification and Autism – What You Need To Know (Part 1)

Posted on 28 October 2009 by admin

In biomedicine for Autism we talk a lot about detoxification. There is some confusion around that term and what detoxification means. What exactly is detoxification? If you think about our body, its main function is to take in food and water for fuel. Our body is constantly using fuel from our food to create energy for the rest of our body to function. Our cells take in sugar, fat and protein and make energy out of those so the rest of the body can function appropriately. Whether that is your heart, your muscles, your digestive tract, your lungs, your brain, etc., that is a normal part of metabolism. Anytime you are metabolizing food to make energy, you are going to generate waste material. That waste material is like exhaust that must be detoxified. When you put gasoline into your car you get exhaust in the back end. What our body is designed to do is to burn fuel for energy but to also get rid of the waste material, or detoxifying, of the metabolic process. We detoxify through our lungs when we take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We also detoxify through our skin where our body releases heat or moisture, and in some respects through things like sauna therapy we can get rid of chemical toxins through our skin. But the primary routes of detoxification are our kidneys, liver and digestive system. Our kidneys filter out toxins and our liver is like the oil filter of our body, which breaks down substances of metabolism, excretes it into the digestive tract and then we excrete it out in our fecal matter. That is the normal detox process of our body. Many kids on the spectrum have problems in their body’s ability to detox effectively. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have some type of liver or kidney disease but they either lack certain chemicals that help with detoxification or certain functions in the liver are not working optimally so they have a difficult time getting rid of toxins as compared to someone without impaired detoxification capabilities. What we are doing when we aid detoxification through good diet, through supplement therapy, through therapies like methyl B-12 or giving glutathione which is a very powerful antioxidant is we are improving their body’s ability to detox. This helps their overall medical condition. Detoxification is a normal part of our body and when you are providing a wide variety of substances in a biomedical treatment protocol, you are essentially aiding detox.

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