Biomedical Autism Treatment – Oxytocin Therapy and Autism

Posted on 10 July 2012 by admin

I wanted to give you an update on the benefits of oxytocin therapy and what I have been seeing in my practice now over the past 6 months. I have been using oxytocin as a therapy to help with anxiety. Not only just generalize anxiety with kids who are afraid to interact or go outside their home or go into new environments, but that social anxiety which is so debilitating for many. Because unfortunately the anxiety can also lead to aggressive behavior and temper tantrums, etc. And so we know it can be a debilitating thing not only for the child but incredible stressful for the family.

I’ve seen really good benefits with oxytocin therapy, oxytocin being that bonding hormone that helps to essentially decrease fear and anxiety in the brain. What I have been using in my practice is either a nasal spray or sublingual tablets. The nasal spray works very well, some kids don’t like the nasal spray but overall it has been a very effective treatment. It tends to be somewhat short lived in its potency or in how long it lasts in the body so sometimes it has to be dose twice or three times per day. I’ve also been using the oxytocin sublingual tablets. Some of the compounding pharmacies make it as a sublingual drop in an oral suspension. And that can work well too. The effects of that tend to last a little bit longer. What I’ve had to do with some patients is a combination where we use the drops or the tablet and the nasal spray.

So there is not a set amount of oxytocin based on age or weight but you have to just figure out what’s the right dose for each individual. So I work with people in doing this. And I’ve been very pleased and it has been very effective for this reduction of anxiety, reduction in general anxiety and social anxiety, and improvement in socialization and bonding. So if you are seeing those issues with your kids I encourage you to look into oxytocin therapy as a viable treatment for them. And I am readily available for consultations on this matter as well so it is easy to connect and contact my practice. One of the websites you can actually access for this is and that will link you into my website and other information that I have.

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