Biomedical Autism Treatment – Probiotics Part 2

Posted on 17 February 2010 by admin

Let’s extend this topic about probiotics. So in the original video I talked about multi-floral probiotic supplements such as Probiotic Support Formula, or Therbiotic Complete. I also touched on the use of Culturelle which is using something called acidophilus GG to go after clostridia bacteria. There is another probiotic that is commonly used with kids on the spectrum called VSL #3.

Now VSL #3 was originally used, or is still used, for people with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. It is a combination of 8 different lactic acid bacteria, a very high potency probiotic. In addition to the inflammatory bowel disease conditions, this thing is also useful as a treatment support for oxalate problems. We know that oxalates are organic compounds that are founds in many foods. Kids on the spectrum can have an increased absorption of oxalates which can bind to minerals, complex with heavy metals, create crystals in the body whether it is the joints, the muscle tissue, even in the nervous system. People who are susceptible to oxalate absorption can also be predisposed to kidney stones. So VSL #3 is a useful remedy to help bind up or at least degrade some of the oxalates in the digestive tract and prevent them from being absorbed. So think of VSL #3 as something that is useful for an oxalate issue or if there is an underlying problem of inflammatory bowel disease.

In video number 3 of this video series I am going to talk about a few other types of probiotics that can be used in special circumstances. One in addition to treating yeast and a couple of other ones that are supportive for bacterial problems.

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