Biomedical Autism Treatment – Cholesterol and Autism

Posted on 03 August 2010 by admin

In talking about autism treatment, It’s important to touch on certain aspects such as Respen-A, cholesterol, oxytocin, anti-yeast therapy, supplements, etc.  If you have not done a cholesterol test on your child, or, let’s say that they’re due for some other blood work, or you’re going back to your pediatrician to do some blood work…It’s a really good idea to check for total cholesterol while you’re at it.

Total cholesterol is a marker of cholesterol level in the blood. And we know that cholesterol is very important for brain function. We know that cholesterol is a major precursor to various hormones in the body which tend to run low for people as they age but they can also be low in kids.

Cholesterol is also critically important as a stabilizing chemical to that helps to bind the oxytocin more effectively at its receptor site, and it improves the function of the oxytocin receptor so that whatever oxytocin is being produced, it works more efficiently. Cholesterol is also an important autism treatment.

We also know that oxytocin – another autism treatment – is a hormone in the brain that  is very much involved in social bonding, facial expression recognition, and voice cue emotional recognition – it helps with people being more connected on a human level. Without oxytocin our brains are not wired correctly to create the social interest and bonding that is so important in human interaction. So the cholesterol level’s critically important and what they’ve found is that when the cholesterol level is low, kids are less social, they have more behavioral problems, they have more sleep problems, sometimes aggressive, irritability, self injurious behavior. So it’s something that you want to look at it production in your child’s body.  There is a link between cholesterol and there is a link between oxytocin as well. Both of these chemicals have a relationship with Respen-A as well which helps to coordinate the beneficial influence of all of them.

So please, if you’re going to do some blood work, make sure your doctor runs that total cholesterol level and we would like to see a level above 160, ideally between 160, 170 would be nice, at least in my opinion, for all individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

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