Biomedical Autism Treatment – Cerebral Folate Deficiency and Autism

Posted on 25 July 2011 by admin

Let’s talk about folate, folinic acid, the new information that is really coming out recently about cerebral folate deficiency in Autism. Cerebral folate deficiency has been a known medical entity now for many, many years. Kids tend to have poor growth, tend to have nervous system problems, speech problems, comprehension issues, attention problems, many times kids their heads stop growing normally at an early age, etc. And what has been discovered with these kids who have these problems, when they do research, what are called antibody testing, they find out there are immune folate reactions occurring to the folate transport receptors.

Now in order to get folate, most people think of folate like folic acid, but in order to get folate taken into the brain where it needs to be utilized as a nutrient for brain growth, etc., it needs to be transported across the brain from the blood, the brain in the cerebral spinal fluid and into the brain tissue to be utilized correctly. If we have antibodies that are blocking those receptors then we are going to have a problem where the blood levels of folate may go up but the cerebral spinal fluid levels goes down and then we start to have corresponding problems with folate deficiency.

There has been research testing that has shown, and is showing, that a number of kids on the Autism spectrum are showing up with these folate receptor or folate transport receptor antibodies. And I have done some testing in my office and have seen that same trend. Dr. Rossignol and Dr. Frye, two biomedical physicians and researchers in the biomedical field now have been looking at this for quite some time and are finding that when kids are given high dose folinic acid, more than what you would get from a regular supplement, this would be something that would have to be compounded, there are prescription doses of folinic acid. And kids are actually improving quite significantly with respects to speech, with respects to general awareness and attention and focusing, etc. This is very exciting information because some of these kids they have done a lot of different types of biomedical therapy but just overall they just haven’t responded the way that was originally anticipated.

I would like you to do a little more research into this. Look at cerebral folate deficiency, Autism and you will come across a lot of information from Dr. Frye and Dr. Rossignol. I think this will be worthwhile for you to look at. I also have information through my member forum, the parent forum, of the website and I am available for questions regarding this and other therapies as well through that forum on a daily basis.

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  1. Jody Lee Says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with ASD. We saw a genetic doctor, and he suggested cerebral folate deficiency as a possibility to our neurologist. He does not know how to test for this. Is there anything other than a spinal tap available for testing?

  2. autism Says:

    Thank you for posting a question on Dr. Woeller’s Autism Recovery Treatment blog site. Because of the high frequency of questions for Dr. Woeller via his numerous online resources he is unable to answer questions via this site. The best place to communicate with Dr. Woeller regarding Q&A for biomedical intervention is through the Parent Forum of Autism Action Plan website – Dr. Woeller is readily available on this website for members.

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