Autism Treatment – Low Cholesterol &Oxytocin Receptors

Posted on 17 December 2009 by admin

I have talked before in some previous videos about oxytocin. The reason I keep bringing up oxytocin is because there is more and more research showing that for many individuals on the Autism spectrum, a lack of oxytocin plays a significant role in their inability to socialize, a lack of oxytocin increases anxiety and it particularly affects their ability to recognize facial expressions as well as voice cue emotional recognition. So their ability to recognize the difference between a sad voice to a happy voice to somebody who is being inquisitive, etc. The same thing with visual cues as well, to be able to tell the difference between someone who is smiling, frowning, someone who is happy. So oxytocin plays a significant role because it helps to activate various parts of the brain that are involved in the manifestation of those abilities.

Now there is a link between cholesterol and oxytocin and if you understand that there is actually a number individuals, particularly kids on the spectrum who actually have very low cholesterol, sometimes less than 100. The lowest I have seen in my practice was around 65 which is extremely low, and understanding the link between the two. You can actually get total cholesterol from any lab, any reference lab or hospital clinic can run a total cholesterol on your child. It is important to understand that cholesterol and oxytocin are linked because cholesterol is an activating chemical for the oxytocin receptors in the brain. If your child doesn’t have enough cholesterol their own brain’s production of oxytocin isn’t going to work as well if they don’t have enough cholesterol activating those oxytocin receptors. Those receptors are these lock and key mechanisms in the brain. The brain is activated and nerve impulses are generated through the brain by receptor interaction with various neurochemicals. So when a chemical attaches to a receptor, it is a lock and key mechanism and you have to have the right lock to open the door. Once that door is open you can get a flood of chemical information that is transported throughout the brain. Oxytocin actually needs an adequate amount of cholesterol activating the oxytocin receptor in order to work appropriately.

So again oxytocin is very important with respects to facial recognition, voice cue recognition, it helps with anxiety and just that social bonding. And cholesterol is very important and one of its functions is to help with that oxytocin receptor. You can have your child get a simple blood test of total cholesterol to see where their levels are. We usually like to see the levels around 170 to 180 to be optimal and that is a simple thing you can do so talk to your doctor about that.

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