Autism Treatment And Seasonal Allergies, Yeast, Regression

Posted on 26 April 2010 by admin

No that we are into spring, particularly in the spring months, we start to see some kids have regression problems. Let me explain why I think this is happening. No matter where you live in the country or anywhere in the world, when you start going through the cycle of passing through winter into spring, obviously we are getting a bloom of foliage and flowers and whatnot and we are starting to get an increase in pollen levels in the air. Here in Southern California where I live, we many times will go through a quick onset of spring where things start to fully bloom within a 2 – 3 week period of time. The pollen counts go very high. Some kids on the Autism spectrum have a great sensitivity to pollens and allergens. And when they do so they can have problems, Itchy eyes, runny nose, and cough, whatever it may be. But I have seen some kids regress because of this and many times they regress because they have an increase in yeast in their body. How does that work?

What I have typically seen kids do many times is when spring comes about, they get an increase in yeast so their behaviors start to turn, inappropriate laughter, goofiness, giddiness, silliness, high self-stimulatory behavior, high sensory needs, seeing kids do all kinds of odd behavior with the onset of spring. This is usually induced by a yeast issues secondary to allergy. Now, I think what is happening is as the immune system is keeping check of an underlying yeast problem and our body is being exposed to allergens, there is a shift in immune function where it starts to deal with the allergens. Essentially it leaves somewhat the yeast unopposed and the yeast start to thrive in this particular situation. Now whether that is the exact mechanism that is happening or not is difficult to say but it is a pattern that I have seen over and over and over again.

So if you have a child who tends to regress with seasonal changes, particularly winter to spring, if you get high pollen counts in the summer or whatnot and you see a problem, then there is some underlying allergy problem. You can do either type of allergy tests, blood testing for IgE allergies or using some type of over the counter allergy medication, like non-drowsy Claritin or whatever it may be. That may help but also recognize you maybe also unmasking and underlying yeast problem with your child. That is where certain testing can be helpful. One of the tests that I will do is something called an Organic Acid Test which looks at yeast markers and gives me an indication of how prevalent or what kind of a problem we have with yeast in that particular child. So look for regression seasonally and these changes behaviorally many times it can be underlying factor of a yeast problem that is being unveiled if you will because of allergens.

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