Autism Treatment – Riboflavin supplementation, cracked mouths and Autism

Posted on 11 November 2010 by admin

Vitamin Deficiency of Cracked Mouth in Autism Treatment

A couple other clues of vitamin deficiencies that may be going on with your child is if they have cracks in the corner of their mouths. That may indicate some type of riboflavin deficiency, a B2 deficiency in the autism treatment so one of the things that’s easy enough to do is look to get some type of B complex vitamin.

One of the ones that I use quite often in autism treatment is Basic Nutrients Plus. The Basic Nutrients Plus is a well rounded vitamin but it’s also a good B complex B vitamin that can be helpful. The nice thing to do is to compliment the Basic Nutrients Plus the Chelate Mate. The Chelate Mate is a mineral supplement, a liquid mineral supplement so the two really go well together. But the Basic Nutrients Plus does have a few minerals in it but more importantly, for this discussion, is the replacement of B2 the riboflavin and just some the other B vitamins which are so helpful for many kids on the Autism Spectrum.

Generally for most kids four, five, six years old, I might start with two capsules a day; you can do one capsule in the morning, one in the afternoon. Sometimes B vitamins will stimulate hyperactivity or create some restlessness that can occur so I wouldn’t tend to give it after six o’clock at night. And if you find that occurs where sleep is altered because of it then I’d give the second dose just earlier in the day. So again, Basic Nutrients Plus with respects to B complex supplementation.

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