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Posted on 09 February 2010 by admin

I have had some good experience with a particular remedy called Respen-A. Respen-A is a patch, it is a homeopathic derivative of something called reserpine which is an herb that has been used for many years to help lower blood pressure as well as to treat some of the core issues with respects to kids on the spectrum. What Respen-A definitely appears to be doing is helping with some of those core issues, the eye contact, the affection, the cognitive awareness, kids just being more aware and more engaged socially. I have also seen some decreased self stimulatory behavior and improved sensory issues with kids using Respen-A. One thing I would like people to be aware of is the Respen-A therapy. Like any remedy or anything that has come forth within the biomedical community for special needs kids, nothing is a magic bullet. Nothing works 100% of the time for 100% of the kids. But in my opinion from what I have seen so far the Respen-A definitely has some positive influence on kids particularly in the area of eye contact, particularly in the area of socialization and just the willingness, not only the willingness to socialize with other kids but just being more engaged with their family. So Respen-A could be a useful thing for you to talk to your physician about. It is very easy to take, it is a patch, it is worn 12 hours on 12 hours off and it is a very useful remedy.

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  1. Adriana Correia Says:

    I have an almost 12 year son with PDD NOR and mild mental retardation, he has done within DAN Protocol all type of biomedical treatments, Yasko, Homeopathy, NAET, cranial osteopathy. We live in Sacramento, Ca., haven’t had a chance to see you when you had come to this area. What would be the correct route to have him prescribed by you the RESPEN-A? We can’t travel for the moment to Temecula? I really believe in homeopathy and he has been helped very much through this type of therapy. This is why I like the fact that Respen-A is a homeopathic patch. My son has speech apraxia, mostly non verbal, he stems and flaps hands, he has a very short attention span and ritualistic play, visual stemming had increased recently . He has some social skills, but his speech impairment does not help him to integrate. Can you help us?

    Adriana Correia mother of Alexander Correia DOB: 3/13/98

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