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A number of people undergone autism treatment have asked is Respen, Respen-A, Reserpine, a homeopathic medication. What Reserpine is listed not only as an allopathic drug, but through a system called the HPUS as a homeopathic medication. Now the dosages in Respen-A are considered of a homeopathic range. Now there may be some arguments in the autism treatments that happen between conventional homeopaths and whatnot but the dosages typically listed in the Respen-A of .01 milligrams are considered homeopathic at least through the HPUS system.

Explanation of a Prescription in Autism Treatment

Now, it is a prescription item and the reason it’s a prescription item is it’s not currently manufactured which means it has to be compounded. So any medication, even if you add a flavoring to it, so if you take Nystatin for example; and you have a powder and you want it created in an oral suspension, you have to add flavoring to it by definition, that would be a prescription item, or would need to be compounded through a compounding pharmacy. If you took Aspirin, which is over the counter, and wanted to have it turned into an oral Aspirin, for example, that would by law be a prescription item because it’s being altered, flavoring is being added to it, making it an oral suspension, therefore making it a prescription item. So, it is a prescription item, it does need a doctor’s prescription because it’s not being manufactured it has to be compounded and prepared therefore it has to be prepared through a compounding pharmacy.

Pharmacies that Dispense Respen-A with Autism Treatment
There are a number of pharmacies around the country now that are using it as an autism treatment, the main one up in Washington, called Custom Prescription Shoppe, is dispensing it. There are a few others, Hopewell Pharmacy, I know in New Jersey is dispensing it, Wellness Pharmacy down in Alabama is dispensing it and there may be a few others at this recording that are prescribing it as well that I’m not aware of and there may be certainly in the future, others that are using it being that this is recording in October of 2010, but primarily right now, there’s three main pharmacies that are dispensing Respen-A and I believe there’s also one in Canada as well. So if you want to find out a pharmacy in your area, you can go to

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