Autism Treatment – Respen-A, Essential Fatty Acids and Autism

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In autism treatment, I’m often asked about some of the other supplement recommendations that are being recommended when kids go on Respen-A and this too has created some controversy within the biomedical community. And like any new therapy there’s always going to be people who question it and whatnot and that’s a healthy thing actually. Whenever new information is presented or new therapies are presented, there’s a lot of questions to ask and these questions need to be answered. So that’s appropriate and I have no problem with that.

Essential Fatty Acids as Autism Treatment

When I first started using this treatment, the main recommendation that was used was to stop essential fatty acid supplements, cod liver oil, fish oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, whatever it was. And initially I had some difficulty with that because I’ve seen a lot of kids get benefit from essential fatty acid supplements, and we know that many kids on the Autism spectrum have problems with their diet, very limiting in what they eat and they may not be getting enough nutrients. So adding in essential fatty acids as autism treatment for a lot of kids has been helpful.

Cod liver oil has been helpful we know for a lot of visual issues and visual stimulation problems that kids have had and I’ve clearly seen them in my practice too where a lot of times kids visual stimming diminishes or completely goes away when they’re on cod liver oil. When I first started using Respen-A, I wasn’t taking kids off of fish oil, and some kids seem to do fine, some parents took their kids off the supplements anyway, but I was sort of approaching it with “well let’s go ahead and let it stay there and we’ll change it later if we need to”. I then started running into situations where I was recognizing that certain kids clearly weren’t getting the early benefit that I was hoping to see. And so, reluctantly, early on I went ahead and said “hey, let’s at least take that supplement out and let’s see how we do with this Respen-A as autism treatment can always add it back”.

Autism Treatment – How Respen-A, Essential Fatty Acids Works

Well, what I’ve recognized is there is a difference in how Respen-A works when a child is on an essential fatty acid product and when they’re not. It just seems to, in the majority of cases, it seems to work better. It’s not to say that it doesn’t work in some kids who are on essential fatty acid supplements, the vast majority of kids it does seem to work better. Now I’ve had some kids who we took off of the essential fats in autism treatment, and it seems to be about a three week time frame, by the way, of when they need to come off. We start it and maybe a couple months later we add it back and there’s been some kids that it did not have a detrimental drop in their benefits so I’m ok with that. Like anything, all kids, they’re all individuals, they’re all different, no two usually react exactly the same way to any autism treatment.

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