Autism Treatment – Respen-A and Autism

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This is going to be a series of videos with respects with my experience in autism treatment with the therapy called Respen-A. Now Respen-A I have been using in my practice for approximately one year now. We are in October of 2010 so around this time last year is when I first started using Respen-A for a number of kids on the Autism spectrum in hopes that it would help with speech, socialization, awareness, less self stimulatory behavior, less sensory issues, etc. In that time I have actually garnered quite a bit of experience in using this treatment, there’s always more to learn. But I have been very pleased with what I have seen over this past year as far as the clinical benefits of this Autism treatment.

Most Benefited in Autism Treatment Using Respen-A

And just like I have mentioned, from the speech standpoint, from the socialization standpoint, from a focusing and attention standpoint, from a self stimulatory standpoint it has been very favorable. The two main areas that I feel have been helped the most are speech as well as socialization. Now speech means that kids have become more verbal and their language has become more complex. As some parents have described to me, their kids’ speech has become more purposeful, has become more specific, more deliberate. And then the socialization aspect is kids just become more aware of children around them, more interested in interacting and happier to do so. Mood has also been improved with this therapy as well.

Percentage Rate of some Types of Autism Treatment

So from my experience, I can’t account for anybody else, other doctors, whatnot within the biomedical community, but from my experience this has been a very, very helpful therapy. I will continue to use it in my practice as one of the primary things I have done because I have seen it be helpful for so many kids. I would say at this point, from an approximation standpoint, or excuse me from a percentages standpoint we are talking a good 70% – 75% upwards of maybe 80% positive response rate. From the biomedical standpoint that is pretty good. If you are looking at the gluten and casein free diet which generally has about a 60% positive response rate, methyl B-12 which is certainly very high, in many cases upwards of 90% – 94% positive response rate, treating yeast which is certainly very high and other types of nutritional supplementations to round out that basic format if you will, those foundational remedies for biomedicine. In my estimation Respen-A falls within one of the higher ranking therapies so far that I have been using now and have seen over the past number of years. So in subsequent sections of this video series I am going to be talking a little bit more about Respen, Reserpine and some of the controversies that have been circulating about this autism treatment therapy. Go to some of the other videos about autism treatment and hopefully I will be able to answer some of your questions that you may have about this important treatment.

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