Autism Treatment – Probiotics

Posted on 11 February 2010 by admin

Let me talk to you real briefly about different types of probiotics being used for different types of conditions. Generally probiotics are life promoting organisms that help to feed the digestive tract that provide overall substrate to help vitamin and mineral utilization, they help to stimulate the immune function in the digestive tract, they help to keep some of the pathogenic bacteria and yeast in check. So we use multi-floral probiotic supplements for that specific purpose. Multi-floral probiotic supplements would be things that include various forms of acidophilus or bifidobacter bacteria so those would be considered sort of the underlying, multi-vitamin for the digestive tract would be a multi-floral probiotic.
Probiotic support formula is an example, Therbiotic Complete is an example, Multi-Flor Spectrum is an example of three different types of multi-floral probiotics. Probiotic support formula is from New Beginnings, Therbiotic Complete is from Klaire labs, and Multi-Flor Spectrum is from Kirkman so keep that in mind.

Then we get more into treatment specific probiotics. One particular one is called Culturelle. Culturelle is a specific type of acidophilus called acidophilus GG, and it has a specific affinity for a bacteria called clostridia. There is a wide variety of different types of clostridia bacteria and acidophilus GG essentially likes to go after these different types of clostridia. It is one of those things that we have found with kids with special needs when we do stool testing or do organic acid testing and find elevated markers that are indicative of clostridia bacteria, one of the first things that I will look to do is to use Culturelle as a long term treatment support. In part 2 of this video I will go into more of the different types of probiotics that can be used for different situations.

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