Autism Treatment – Neurological Inflammation

Posted on 13 December 2009 by admin

We know that inflammation is a big problem in chronic illness. We see it quite a bit in a lot of degenerative conditions in our country whether it is diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cancer, inflammation is always a problem, particularly if it is chronic inflammation. In Autism we also know it is a problem, particularly neurological inflammation. There are various markers that can indicate some type of inflammatory process in the body that could be affecting these kids from a neurological standpoint, tumor necrosis factor, interferon gamma to name a few.

Digestive inflammation is a real problem for some kids on the spectrum particularly with respects to inflammatory bowel disease. But anytime you are generating inflammation, whether it is in the gut, whether it is in the blood stream, whether it is from a virus, whether it is from a vaccine reaction, whether it is from food sensitivities it can have a negative impact on the brain. Now neurologically we know that inflammation seems to affect kids not only globally but certain areas of the brain too, particularly the temporal lobes. The temporal lobes are the lobes that are on the side of the head . Particularly the left side is where some of the language areas are. Any problems with inflammation in those areas can cause a depletion or at least decrease in blood flow. When you decrease blood flow to certain areas then you will decrease the ability of the blood to deliver oxygen so that can be quite problematic.

There have been many remedies that have been implemented as having a positive influence, or at least the attempt is to use these things as a positive influence on neurological inflammation. Actos, is a medication that has been used with fairly good success in some individuals with Autism to help decrease neurological inflammation. Actos was originally a diabetic medication to help control blood sugar but it was found to have some positive influence on the way cells in the body produce inflammation. Spironolactone is another type of medication commonly used for many years for particularly women who have too much testosterone. It helps to regulate that condition called hirsutism. But it is also a medication that helps to regulate sodium and potassium levels in the body so it is a good thing to use for edema or swelling, especially in the lower extremities. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been another helpful remedy for neurological inflammation. We know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy not only helps to increase blood flow to the areas of the brain, specifically increased oxygen, but the pressure of the hyperbaric seems to help decrease some of the inflammatory problems. Another interesting herbal remedy is from an Indian spice called Turmeric, the active ingredient being called curcumin. This also has an anti-inflammatory effect as well and it showing good success with kids on the spectrum not only of gut inflammation but also neurological inflammation. So the issue of inflammation is a big problem in chronic illness, it is certainly a problem in Autism. This is a whole other area to explore but I wanted you to be familiar with it because it will come up in some of your research that you do and there are some specific therapies that can be implemented to help.

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