Autism Treatment – MAO-A Activity Benefits and Autism, Part 2 of 2

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This is the 2nd part in this autism treatment series of videos on Respen-A and MAO-A activity. So some of the side effects that have actually been observed and I have seen them in my practice, not common but I have seen that where kids are not getting enough protein, is they can become more emotionally, they can have start to have these meltdowns, they become more attached. They may have difficulty in transitioning and this usually sometimes manifests as problem where their serotonin levels are becoming depleted and what we need to do is either give things like 5-HTP and in some cases give tryptophan to try and bolster the serotonin levels up. But this is very rare. I always caution my parents before implementing this in autism treatment we need to make sure the child is eating protein, eating some meat in their diet and that usually is enough. But on the rare occasion there have been a few kids that were so picky and so limited in their diets that we’ve had to supplement with 5-HTP or even tryptophan occasionally just to make sure their serotonin levels don’t become depleted.

Effects of MAO-A in Autism Treatment

Now MAO-A can be inhibited from a number of things. We know that through the use of pitocin as an agent to help with delivery can have an effect on this system. We know that excess estrogen can have an adverse effect on this system. Lipid peroxides and oxidative stress, certainly heavy metals like mercury and cadmium and arsenic can have a detrimental effect on this system as well. So there are a number of things that are common in the Autism Treatment community that we are commonly treating, heavy metals for example or oxidative stress for example. There’s other factors too.

There’s nothing in the traditional biomedical community or treatment or approach that is any different than how we might approach this particular system, its just another system that’s being negatively impacted in Autism. There’s also another monomine oxidase that is called monomine oxidase B (MAO-B) and that primarily has an impact on dopamine. And what can happen is, if MAO-B activity is too high it can tend to have a suppressive effect on MAO-A. So it is the balance between MAO-A and MAO-B that is important in autism treatment and when we have a deficit in this MAO-A activity this is really where something like Respen-A would be very helpful.

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