Autism Treatment – Herxheimer Reactions and Autism

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Autism Treatment – Herxheimer Reactions

In autism treatments, we’ve often heard of die off reactions when dealing with yeast or bacterial problems. In classical medical terms, this is called a Herxheimer reaction. A Herxheimer reaction was originally used to describe a treatment reaction for individuals with syphilis. We also hear about it in the Lyme community, certain parasites can cause a die off or a Herxheimer reaction as well. And typically when we’re thinking about the yeast die off, or a yeast Herxheimer reaction, many times we’ve seen increase in the symptoms that yeast can cause, whether it’s self stimulatory behavior, sensory issues, goofiness, giddiness, silliness, inappropriate laughter.

If it’s bacterial problems for many kids on the spectrum who are neurologically sensitive to these organisms, it may be irritability, aggression, self injurious behavior, just moodiness, some kids who have bacterial problems have tics so whatever it may be, that primary thing that’s going on. Sometimes when you start treating for those infections, those symptoms can actually get worse before they get better. There’s been a lot of discussion on autism treatment on how to deal with this.

Autism Treatment Dealing with Herxheimer

One of the things that can help sometimes is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a binding agent that is taken orally, will help to absorb those toxins in the digestive tract and prevent them from being absorbed. Usually a capsule or two a day does the trick. A capsule, anywhere between 250 – 300 mg tends to do the trick sometimes helping to short circuit those die off reactions. Another thing that can be done in autism treatment, and really it’s only going to work in a child who can actually tolerate things like lemon and lime, you can actually take a lemon and you can take a lime and you squeeze it into some water. About 8 ounces of water and have them sip that throughout the day, maybe every 15 minutes or so, through a straw. And what those two foods do, in the juice actually is creates a PH shift. It actually helps the body become more alkaline, less acidic and that can actually help diminish, and sometime stop, that die off reaction. But again, it’s only going to be tolerated in kids that would drink that.

But I just wanted you to be aware that it’s one of the things that you can use sometimes to short circuit that die off reaction. We’ve used this quite a bit with individuals who are undergoing intensive therapy for Lyme disease who get the joint aches, the fever, fatigue, using that lime and lemon trick often works. It may work for you with your child as well in to these autism treatment.

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