Autism Treatment – Clostridia & Regression

Posted on 18 January 2010 by admin

It comes up quite a bit in my practice and that is a child who either been on an antibiotic or they’ve recently been given an antifungal medication, instead of improving with their overall behavior, they regress. And if we are talking about yeast specifically with respects to treatment for yeast from the antifungal medication whether it is Nystatin, Diflucan, Nizoral, or some of the more antifungal herbs, things like oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, etc. and the child is worsening instead of improving. But they are worsening in a pattern of becoming irritable and aggressive, self injurious, they are more withdrawn. Usually what you are dealing with is some underlying type of bacterial problem.

Now there is a common bacteria that is present with many kids on the spectrum called clostridia. There is a wide variety of clostridia bacteria. One particular form of clostridia called clostridia dificil can actually cause a form of inflammatory bowel disease, that is not specifically what we are talking about when we talk about these behavioral changes. That particular bacteria may lead to certain toxins that could contribute to that but what we are talking about is the family of clostridia, not just one specific type of clostridia.

There is a test called an Organic Acid Test from Great Plains Lab, they also have something called a Microbial Organic Acid Test and it looks at the markers specific to yeast and specific to clostridia bacteria. The clostridia marker is specifically something called HPHPA and it is a metabolic toxin of clostridia. It is that metabolic toxin that seems to interfere with different brain chemicals that can to contribute to some of the behavioral problems we see with kids on the spectrum.

Now why it is tied back to antifungal use is that yeast and bacteria, particularly yeast and clostridia bacteria, are living in somewhat competition in the digestive tract. When you lower one, the other one if it is not being treated at the same time, can sometimes get worse. So if you have a yeast overgrowth and you are just treating the yeast and you also have an overgrowth of clostridia bacteria, many times that clostridia bacteria can increase because it is no longer being inhibited or it is no longer in competition with yeast. If you had a regression in your child where you’ve recently given an antifungal medication or if you’ve given an antibiotic, antibiotics can also deplete the normal bacteria in the digestive tract and that sometimes can spur on this opportunistic bacterial called clostridia to get worse. Those two situations can be very common.

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    This seems to describe what has happened in my son.

    He had a significant speech delay and sensory issues. We did a Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Organic Acid Profile in September 2009. The results showed 0+ Beneficial flora, some Bacteriology Culture and NO Dysbiotic Flora. No yeast was isolated. The yeast level was Moderate in the Parasitology section. The OAT test showed high levels of 3-oxoglutaric, arabinose & carboxycitric, as wel as high HPHPA, Oxalic and VMA.

    As a treatment, he was on Vancomycin for 10 days, then moved to Nystatin for 2 weeks, then had Nystatin & Diflucon for 2 months; all while using Interfase Plus to get through the biofilm. We also added probiotics (Probio Gold, S. Boulardii, Culturelle) and a variety of other supplemements to boost his immune system. After the end of this treatment, we did another stool & OAT test. His behavior, speech, attention span and stimming greatly improved. We did see an increase in aggression.

    The new stool analysis shows 4+ Clostridium, two Dysbiotic Floras (4+ Klebsiella oxytoca & 3+ Aeromonas Caviae). Microscopic yeast is Many. Short chain fatty acids & Lysozyme are now in normal ranges. Secretory IgA is no longer within a normal range. On the OAT, 3-oxoglutaric, carboxycitric & HPHPA are now in normal ranges.

    We used Grapefruit Seed Extract for 2 weeks after seeing the new Dysbiotic flora results. Within 2 days of starting Grapefruit Seed Extract, he started to regress. He is mildly stimming, has a lower attention span, is fidgety and back to tantruming.

    How do I correct this?

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