Autism Treatment – Aggressive Behavior, Constipation & Autointoxication, Part 1

Posted on 21 December 2009 by admin

Why do some kids on the Autism spectrum when they become constipated become aggressive, become very irritable and agitated, lose eye contact, losing focusing and attention? A lot of people have constipation issues but they are not aggressive. A lot of people have constipation issues including neurotypical kids many times, don’t lose attention and focusing but why does it seem to happen with some children on the spectrum?

There could be an underlying pain response so just being constipated and not being able to have a bowel movement could lead to irritability because it is painful. Because many kids on the Autism spectrum can’t speak and they can’t communicate their needs they will either act it out whether that is hitting themselves, head banging or just being irritable.

There is another reason too, it is called autointoxication. What happens is the digestive tract is the large portal of entry of nutrients into our body. It is this tube that runs through the middle of our digestive system. It can also be a major seat of toxicity because it is also the main route to get rid of toxins through our body as well. If we become constipated we block the ability to get rid of those toxins and some of those toxins can actually be reabsorbed back into the blood stream and then dumped out into general population. There are toxins from yeast, there are toxins from bacteria that are known to actually cause imbalances in brain chemistry. For a child who already has a susceptibility to neuro chemical imbalances, anything else that adds insult to injury can potentially worsen behavior.

What happens is there is a venous system called the portal venal system that returns blood back to the liver of things that have been removed from the digestive tract and if you have a constipation issue, particularly in the large bowel you may get toxins that would normally get excreted out through fecal matter and bowel movements, it gets reabsorbed, taken back into the liver, dumped back into the blood stream and starts to recirculate over and over again causing chemical imbalances.

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  1. Amal Says:

    can you please explain the appropriate treatment for constipation? as my son has suffered with constipation for 2 years & is very aggressive!


  2. Billy Says:

    When I was a kid, too much milk would cause me to become constipated. I’ve heard that autistic kids respond well to casein and gluten free diet. Fragments of these two proteins supposedly cause sluggishness in some people which could lead to constipation, irritability and sleepiness among other things. Your kid doesn’t have to be autistic to benefit from this diet and results typically show themselves within 2 weeks. This diet is hard however and must be very strict (no casein or gluten whatsoever) but there are alternatives available such as soy milk and gluten free products. If you plan ahead this is possible and if successful this is extremely rewarding. Do your own research.

  3. su france Says:

    Well, in addition to making sure he’s getting enough fiber, fluids, exercise etc – put him on a course of regular enemas (e.g weekly, plus others if needed) until his bowel “output” improves. Between the cleansing effect of the enemas, the improved diet and the psychological impact of having his bowels monitored and getting frequent enemas – it should improve his behavior and his health!

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