Autism Treatment – Aggressive Behavior, Constipation, Autointoxication, and Autism, Part 2

Posted on 21 December 2009 by admin

As I discussed in part 1 of this series, constipation can have many negative effects on behavior in children with Autism. I discussed the effects of autointoxication, whereby toxins from un-expelled feces are reabsorbed and recirculated through the body which can lead to behaviors such as aggression and irritability as a result of that constipation.

You can also get direct absorption from toxins from the digestive tract from the yeast and bacterial overgrowth. I have seen it clinically many, many times in my practice over the years. An onset of constipation can lead to behavioral problems, lack of eye contact, it will even lead to lack of speech in many kids. So if you are seeing improvement in the therapies you are doing, it doesn’t even have to be biomedical therapies, it can be speech, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy but then they start to regress and you can’t figure out why, maybe there is an underlying constipation problem and they are not having bowel movements as normally as they should.

Ideally they should have a bowel movement once a day or even twice a day. The other thing to watch for with constipation is I have heard a lot of parents say their child has a bowel movement every day but how big is it and what is its shape and size. They may have a bowel movement that is fairly large but there may be a lot more stool left in your child’s digestive tract that they are not getting rid of. Or they could be pooping out little small pellets that are really hard and dry. So the assessment of the digestive tract is key.

A simple thing you can do is to take your child to your doctor, pediatrician and have an abdominal x-ray done and see if there is a large amount of fecal matter stored in their digestive tract. So the bowels become a seat of not only nutritional input into our bodies from food but they also become a seat for toxicity for our body if there is a tendency for constipation. That constipation can also lead to behavioral problems too.

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