Autism Treatment – A Biomedical Approach to Treating Autism

Posted on 11 March 2010 by admin

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about my feeling towards biomedical intervention in Autism and why I feel it’s so important to implement a biomedical approach for your child. Now, I’ve talked a lot on the videos on this website, many of the lectures that I do around the country on the importance of biomedical intervention. But I want you to recognize one thing, when we’re looking at implementing a biomedical program, whether it’s diet, supplements, etc, what we’re really talking about is doing assessment of underlying medical issues.

What that means is we’re doing testing, specifically urine testing, stool testing, blood testing to look for imbalances. It could be nutritional imbalances like vitamins and minerals, amino acids, essential fats, it could be for digestive problems, kids not digesting their food appropriately, they have chronic diarrhea chronic constipation, it could be for other biochemical imbalances. I think we can all agree that regardless of an individual’s diagnosis, to me the diagnosis of autism is being a label for many kids is exclusionary, it excludes them from actually getting medical treatment even though that child may be suffering with an underlying medical disorder.

As a biomedical specialist, first and foremost, I want to know what’s going on health-wise with that child. And that’s why we do the kind of testing we do. I can’t indicate specifically that one therapy is going to treat specifically a core set of symptoms or make them all disappear. What I can tell you is that when you look at things medically, when you look at things from a diagnostic standpoint, and address the underlying medical needs, in many cases and individual’s Autism can improve and in some cases actually go away. The whole approach of biomedicine is just that, it’s to optimize potential, it’s to evaluate underlying medical issues and address them medically. Whether the diagnosis of Autism is there or not, shouldn’t take away from the traditional medical community from actually doing some specific diagnostic testing to make sure that your specific child is as healthy as they can be. It just takes unique and specialized, a physician’s approach in order to have it implement some of the testing and therapies that we do, but as just to step back is to understand that what we’re doing is trying to optimize the potential of an individual. The way we do that is work at things from a nutritional standpoint, a supplement standpoint, and a diagnostic testing standpoint.

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