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What you are looking at is the opening home page of my biomedical Autism membership site called I wanted to give you a quick tour of this site and tell you how I feel it can be incredibly useful for you as a parent or caregiver of a child on the Autism spectrum. It gives you the ability to get more in depth information on treatment protocols, lab testing or any questions you might have that might come up on a day to day, week to week, month to month timeframe with your child as far as implementing a wide variety of biomedical therapies.

This site has been a culmination of years of practice and there is a tremendous amount of information here that you can access. What we’ve done is label things that are most commonly used with various icons. For example, the new members start page, the 12 week action plan is a section on the site for new parents just starting biomedical therapies. There is information on implementing the gluten and casein free (GFCF) diet, getting started on basic supplements, basic testing, etc. This program will step through 12 different weeks of what to do first, what to do second, etc. This is incredibly useful information.

There are a couple of areas on the site get used a lot. One is the health articles. I have a whole list of health articles from various authors and I am adding to it all the time. Not only myself and articles that I have written, everything from supplement reactions to autoimmune disorders to glutathione therapy to dietary interventions, there is a tremendous amount of articles on here. But I have other authors too, articles from Dr. William Shaw, articles from Julie Matthews with respects to dietary interventions.

The health articles section is an area that I reference to a lot. Another area that gets used a lot is the biomedical protocols and this too is a growing list of protocols that I have used in my practice, physician directed and physician oriented but I have broken it down into really easy to understand language that many times you can try to implement some of these things on your own. Or you can share with a doctor you are working with so they can help you as well. These topics range from the anti-candida diet to gastrointestinal problems to phenol and salicylate sensitivities. This area here has a lot of information. I also have an area for lectures, these are past lectures that I have done. What I did was to break them down into different chapters. Each chapter is between 5 and 10 minutes apiece, working with topics such as chronic infections in Autism, whether we are looking at yeast problems or bacterial problems, streptococcal infections, and PANDAS, etc. I talk about heavy metal toxicity. I have an entire chapter on different videos on hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), from what is HBOT, to how is it done, what are some of the protocols, what are the benefits, what are the side effects. I talk a lot about Methyl B-12 therapy and methylation issues in general.

This Dr. Woeller lecture section is a huge section of recorded videos that have been done in the past. I have an instructional video section here as well where I demonstrate various things like what are some remedies for constipation to what is heavy metal challenge testing to how do you do a nasal B-12 spray, again all useful information. If you don’t know about methyl B-12 therapy, there is section on the site that goes into great depth about methyl B-12 not only from a demonstration standpoint with the videos that show you how to implement the therapy. But it also covers all you need to know about from what the syringe looks like, I even have a section on here for physicians with an in-depth article on methyl B-12 therapy and one for parents as well that is a little more toned down from the standpoint of the physician. Some things the parents won’t need to know but physicians would like how to prescribe it, what to write to the pharmacy, etc.

Another unique thing about the site is that I wanted to create a site where a parent could have access to specialized medications through some of the compounding pharmacies. I have worked with a number of pharmacies. I have three pharmacies that are profiled on this site, these are all specialty compounding pharmacies and provide a wide variety of medications and they know what they are doing. They are positioned conveniently across the United States. We have a pharmacy on the East coast, a pharmacy on the West coast and then a pharmacy that tends to service more of the middle part of the country. And the nice thing is that they are all very familiar with our different prescription download handouts. We have a download center on our website that has various interpretive guides for lab testing on my site but we also have prescription handouts that you can download.

These are pre-made prescription handouts that you can take to your doctor for a particular therapy like methyl B-12 or transdermal glutathione or low dose naltrexone. It tells your doctor how it is dosed, all your doctor has to do is sign it and fax it into one of the pharmacies and then they will work with you from there. It is a very convenient service. We also have a section here on supplements and this is just my take on supplements.

There are a number of different supplement companies that can be accessed through here from Klaire to New Beginnings to Researched Nutritionals. I broke things down as far as what are some different things that you can consider supplements for based on various behaviors. For example, anxiety issues or attention problems or what supplements are useful for inflammation support, etc. Now one of the areas that is used almost really on a daily basis is the parent forum. The parent forum is where you as a parent or healthcare practitioner and can come on and ask me specific questions or you can share information with other users. We’ve broken things down into a lot of different categories, from detoxification therapies to dietary concerns to digestive problems to immune therapies, you name it and we can always add more categories to this as time goes on.

We have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of postings on this at this point on a wide variety of information. I am working on this website sometimes 3 to 4 times a day, answering questions throughout the day, evenings, weekends, even holidays. Essentially this has become a 24/7 project for me which I absolutely love because I can work with parents from all over the country and well as all over the world and helping to answering their questions with respects to biomedical intervention. You can also post me privately if you prefer to do that. You can share your story and you can talk to me privately through this section and I will respond to your questions. We also do weekly video chats and this is a really cool area of the site.

Essentially what happens is you just login and you will see a screen that will come up. There are no special video cameras or microphones that you need. My image will appear and I do these on Mondays and Thursdays, and the schedule is here. You basically get to type in a question and I will respond to it live. Each video chat is an hour. It is a more direct way to interact with me. We also have a speech and feeding pathologist, Dawn Winkelmann, who contributes to the video chats as well. She is a wealth of information with respects to feeding therapy, feeding issues, picky eaters, problem feeders, how to get your kids to take their supplements, what are some different tools and tricks and tips that she can give you with respects to feeding issues.

She is also a speech pathologist as well and can also give you ideas on speech therapy. Again, a very useful area and very unique in the biomedical Autism community to actually have live access to a doctor such as myself on a weekly basis and then of course through the parent forum is another huge area as well. I just wanted to give you a little bit of a flavor about what is all about. We’ve actually just recently removed the registration fee from the site. So essentially what you are looking at for the site is $37 per month.

You can pay month to month or pay for a year in advance. It is a very convenient price and it has a ton of information. I really enjoy interacting with parents such as yourself through this website so I hope that you can check it out. You don’t see it here but on the homepage where you go to sign up there is actually a demonstration video as well that you can look at., I hope to see you there!

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