Autism Recovery – Clostridia Difficile and Clostridia Bacteria Toxicity in Autism

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I want to emphasize again in this video, the importance of evaluating your child who is on the Autism spectrum for clostridia bacteria. Let me break it down a couple of different ways because there is some confusion in the community about what clostridia is. There is a type of clostridia called clostridia difficile. Now clostridia difficile has been known for a long time to be a really bad bug. It is becoming a worsening problem in the hospital setting because of the resistance to treatment and also the increased potential for cross infection among patients. And clostridia difficile at its core can lead to a serious inflammatory bowel condition called Pseudomembranous Colitis.

So clostridia difficile is sort of in its own category but it is part of the clostridia family. Now clostridia difficile can also produce a toxin called 4-Cresol and 4-Cresol actually will inhibit enzymes or an enzyme in the brain that can lead to a disruption of dopamine. So think of clostridia difficile as its own category of a bacteria that is really bad and certainly needs to be evaluated with anybody on the Autism spectrum. The way it is best analyzed is through the Organic Acids Test from Great Plains Laboratory. You can also do the Microbial Organic Acids Test from Great Plains because the Microbial Organic Acids Test is looking specifically at the yeast and bacterial markers.

Another marker called HPHPA comes from a group of other clostridia. See you have to think of clostridia as a family and none of them are good but you’ve got certain members of that family which are really bad. HPHPA is identifying the presence of other types of clostridia family members, not clostridia difficile but other member of the clostridia family. And it too, just like the 4-Cresol, will inhibit an enzyme that effects dopamine metabolism. And I’ll talk in the next video about what are some of the implications of actually having high values of 4-Cresol and high HPHPA with respects the Autistic condition that we so often see in anybody who is dealing with clostridia but certainly any child on the Autism spectrum, teenager or adult who is having behavioral problems, learning problems, that clostridia can be a really bad bug.

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