About This Blog

Welcome To My Biomedical Autism Intervention & Recovery Blog!

This blog is an extension of my work in the autism community to advance and expand the knowledge of biomedical intervention in the treatment of autism.

My name is Dr. Kurt Woeller, and I am a practicing physician in Southern California. My specialty in medicine over the past 11 years has been the implementation of biomedical assessments (including complex diagnostic laboratory testing for immune, digestive, endocrine, metabolic and toxicological imbalances) and therapies (dietary intervention, nutritional supplementation, methylation and immune modulation therapy, and detoxification support) for individuals on the autism-spectrum. A large percentage of my practice is treating children, but over the years I have also seen many teenagers and adults with spectrum disorders as well, respond positively to treatment.

Biomedicine for autism is the understanding that for the majority of individuals on the autism-spectrum (including attention deficit, attention deficit with hyperactivity, pervasive development disorder, and other sensory/language disorders) there is an underlying biological or medical disorder that causes and/or contributes to their neuro-developmental problems. By investigating things medically, and along with other traditional therapies such as speech, occupational and behavioral therapies, many individuals can be helped significantly with their autism condition – some to even full recovery. Recovery is possible and autism is treatable.

Here you will find resource links to various biomedical companies such as Great Plains Laboratory for unique and cutting edge diagnostic laboratory testing, New Beginnings Nutritionals, which provides high quality nutritional supplements specific for the special needs of individuals on the autism spectrum, and more. Also, links are available to other avenues of biomedical education including my online membership site at www.AutismActionPlan.org, where you can interact with me live through a Parent Forum and Video Chats, along with access to biomedical protocols, lecture presentations, and troubleshooting information.

Also, my book on Methyl-B12 Therapy (www.MethylB12forAutism.com) will explain the important information you need to know with regards to this very important intervention.

The video and written blog posts we provide on this site should be a great resource of information that you can use to understand more about biomedical treatments, concepts and definitions. Education is power, and the more you are educated about what biomedical intervention has to offer, the more equipped you will be in helping your child. I hope you find this educational resource site useful as I look forward to the opportunity to help you in the health and welfare of your child.

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