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Autism Treatment – What happens when things get worse in Autism Treatments part 2

Posted on 27 July 2010 by admin

In part 1 of this 2 part series we talked about how sometimes supplements can cause a worsening of symptoms at first. Sometimes vitamins like B vitamins can cause hyperactivity. And we’ve also seen some reactions with cod liver oil and when you add in another supplement like L-Carnitine it can help that reaction by aiding in the metabolism of fat.

One of the other things I’ve seen from time to time, is the use of single amino acids, whether it’s taurine, whether it’s Gaba, or number of other types of amino acid supplements. On occasion, those supplements will tend to aggravate a child where they become either hyper, or they become agitated, they become stimmy, their sensory needs go up, and it’s not necessarily that the supplement is toxic, most of these kids, when that’s occurring, have some underlying bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract also called dysbiosis. So bacteria, many times, will feed on some of these amino acids and they’ll essentially aggravate them or they’ll become more assertive if you will. And some of the toxic by-products that get produced from these bacteria can infiltrate into the body and affect kids behaviorally because all of these things are producing chemicals that have a chemical influence on the brain. So if you see that type of thing happen when you’re actually using an amino acid supplement or an amino acid blend, think gut problem. There’s some underlying gut problem going on.

So one of the things you want to do is look to do a stool test. A comprehensive digestive stool analysis from many of the different labs like Doctor’s Data, Great Plains, or even an organic acid test. The one that I use specifically is from Great Plains to see if there’s any toxic by-products of bacteria and yeast which are quite common. So just a few hints with respects to a few supplements that you may actually implement for your child and many times they work great but sometimes there’s some behavioral things that can come about. So it’s important to recognize that pattern.

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