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Autism Treatment – How is Autism Typically Treated?

Posted on 18 April 2010 by admin

Let’s talk a little bit about how to treat Autism. Now we know that there are many, many different types of services that are available for individuals on the Autism spectrum. For example, from young children who go through applied behavioral analysis (ABA therapy) to speech therapy to occupational therapy working on motor function, gross motor function and fine motor function. And there are other types of therapies too, you know horse therapy and what not, that provide more sort of environmental stimuli for a lot of kids on the Autism spectrum.

And certainly as individuals get older and you know become teenagers and adults, some of these services are still applicable. But unfortunately as they get older too, the access to some of these therapies just isn’t there. In many states and in many areas of the country, many of these services like speech, like ABA therapy or occupational therapy are actually implemented through the school district. So it really depends on where you are. Now with respects to adults on the Autism spectrum unfortunately there is not a lot of good therapy. And many cases either adults are in homes or they are put into institutions and sometimes put on various medications to try and deal with some of the behavioral problems.

So from a traditional treatment standpoint, most of the medications that are used are used in essence to try to minimize, if you will, some of the behavioral problems. The one FDA approved medication called Risperdal is actually the one medication that is used specifically for the treatment of Autism to deal with, in many cases, aggressive problems and antisocial or aberrant behavioral issues that many individuals on the spectrum have. Now some kids and some teenagers and adults that I have seen are put on what are called SSRI medications, Zolofts sometimes or things like Paxil or even Prozac to help with some of the mood issues as well and there are a wide variety of medications too. But the main medication treatment that is FDA approved is Risperdal and from there essentially what you are left with is behavioral therapy in young children speech therapy and occupation therapy, etc. So treatments for Autism are pretty limited from a medications standpoint and you are really dealing more in the realm of non medication treatments to deal with some of the social, language and behavioral problems.

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