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Autism Recovery –Video games, TV, Movies, Stimulatory behavior and Autism

Posted on 24 November 2009 by admin

I had an interesting thing come up on the live video chats that I do on a weekly basis through my biomedical education website www.autismactionplan.org. We were talking about stimulatory behavior and different types vocalizations that children with Autism will sometimes do. Vocalizations can be echolalia, repeating phrases from conversations, cartoons, TV, or even video games, and this can be an indicator of an underlying sensory problem.

One thing I have recognized from a therapy standpoint and the use of Methyl B-12 is that children can become more aware of what’s going on around them and social cues. They can pick up on facial and voice cues, emotional recognition and some of the other subtleties that make human to human interaction so unique. With that will come more of an inquisitiveness that kids will have along with better language, using language more frequently and more appropriately. That is a common phenomenon with Methyl B-12 therapy.

The conversation I was having with this person and they were commenting that their child is doing more self talk, dialoguing, repeating phrases from cartoons and TV shows, but they’ve also seen the improvement with Methyl B-12 therapy. When I began to look at this more, I realized that we are seeing a child with better awareness, Methyl B-12 is having an effect on the language areas of the brain and their overall awareness is improving. The child is starting to recognize things from the TV show and video games they are playing and are able to verbalize it. The reason they are doing so is that they are spending more time watching TV or playing the video game instead of interacting with other children or their family.

So, the point of this video is to encourage you to watch the amount of TV and video games your kids play, whether it is the Wii, Nintendo, or the handheld devices, etc. I see a tendency for the kids in my practice who get very drawn in to stories, thought and video games and they get more and more socially withdrawn or hyper focused on the technology and less and less interactive with siblings, friends and family. The video games and TV are ok for a short period of time.

You want to get your kids out to the park and immerse them in social situations, that can be taking them to the grocery store, the mall, etc. the real life situations. That way they are not so focused on TV and video games. TV and video games can be a nice escape and a little treat but really watch how much time your kids spend cumulatively on TV and video games per day. Children on the Autism spectrum can really get hyper focused and lost in technology and become very rigid. Then you may not see some of the positive gains you are looking for even if you are doing biomedical interventions like diets and supplements.

Real life experiences are so much more beneficial for your child and will help their recovery.

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