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Biomedical Autism Treatment – Autism Treatments, What Really Works

Posted on 06 February 2013 by admin

Let’s review what we know with respects to biomedical therapies for Autism and really what has been most successful over the years. I’ve done talks like this before whether it is through my websites, lectures, articles I’ve written about. But I just wanted to give you a quick overview so that you know going in that there are certain therapies which tend to give a higher percentage of improvement than others.

First up dietary intervention is huge, it always has been. So one of the tried and true remedies for Autism intervention is the gluten and casein free diet and honestly it continues to be a significant therapy for the vast majority of kids that do it. Another is comprehensive supplement therapy in many respects. Some kids with Autism have a very limited diet. And so they are not getting a broad based nutrition through the food they eat so often they are nutrient deprived. What I will do initially with some kids is put them on some initial supplements whether it is B vitamins, minerals, probiotics, essential fats, these have a healing effect for many. So we know that vitamin therapy in general, it’s too broad of a discussion to get into each individual vitamin or mineral but supplement therapy in general tends to be helpful. Another is treating chronic infections and this is again a broad discussion. But looking at bacterial issues, looking at yeast problems, parasitic infections and treating those particularly with respects to the gut issues has a tremendous benefit with respects to kids’ development who are on the Autism spectrum.

Now a therapy that is gaining recognition and has been around actually for quite some time but getting more and more recognition within the Autism community is a therapy called MMS which is showing tremendous benefit for these particular individuals on the spectrum who have deep seated, chronic resistant infections. Methyl B-12 therapy, specifically the Methyl B-12 injections, significant. Over the years, this is why to me it is a tried an true remedy that I feel the vast majority of kids should try. There other therapies as well that are, I consider, to be tried and true. Respen-A therapy, Respen-A as a homeopathic application of a specific herb called Reserpine has shown great benefit with respects to social improvement, language, less sensory issues, overall mood improvement. In my practice Respen-A has become a standard or tried and true therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT is also a significant biomedical therapy in this menu of things that we have to choose from to help many kids on the Autism spectrum.

And that really rounds out the greater application of biomedical intervention. There are other immune therapies that are helpful, Ibuprofen and anti-viral therapy for sure. There can be other supportive therapies as well but that really hits at the crux of it. The dietary intervention, nutrient support, digestive eradication, elimination if you will of gut pathogens, methylation support, Respen-A brain chemistry support, hyperbaric oxygen therapy with respects to improving body metabolism decreasing brain inflammation. So think about those, have those on your list of things to consider for your child if you’re looking to implement biomedical interventions with respects to their Autism.

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