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Biomedical Autism Treatment – Take Supplements With Caution

Posted on 04 September 2012 by admin

If you are about to start supplements with your child who is on the Autism spectrum, take my word of advice, don’t start everything at once. If you’ve got a list of supplements from your doctor, whether it is 3 items, 5, 10, my recommendation and my clinical experience in years of practice is start one thing at a time, particularly in the beginning of any type of biomedical program. And the reason is, many kids on the Autism spectrum are very, very sensitive, physically, mentally, emotionally to therapy. If you start everything at one time you’re not necessarily going to know what is working or what may be causing a problem. Not that we’re talking about serious side effects from supplement therapy but you want to be able to know how well they’re adjusting, how well they are progressing to a particular therapy.

Now what is going to happen over time is your kids are going to be on multiple things. They are going to be doing dietary intervention, they will be on supplement therapy, maybe they’re treating for yeast, maybe you’re doing Methyl B-12, whatever it may be. But in the beginning I always try to isolate down and start one thing at a time. B-12 for example, Methyl B-12 injections is a perfect example of this. We would like to start this for at least 5 to 6 weeks, ideally 6 weeks, without starting any other therapy. If I am going to start supplements and I have 5 or 6 things, I will typically tell the parent and give them a list of where I want them to start and they start at the top of the list and work our way down. Typically introducing a new supplement every 1 to 2 days because I want to know and I want them to give me feedback on positive changes as well as negative changes. I also have parents get a little notebook calendar where they can mark down what day they started a therapy or a supplement and make a little note as to what they observed. So, again if you rush into it and you start too many things at once and your child has a negative reaction you’re not going to know did it. Be patient, start one thing at a time and you will have much greater success long term in doing supplement therapy and other biomedical therapies for your child.

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