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Autism Treatment – Stopping biomedical treatments and Autism

Posted on 23 January 2011 by admin

Let’s talk a little bit about biomedical therapies in autism treatment, especially stopping and starting therapies. I’m often asked the question “my child’s taking B12 or my child is on Nystatin or Diflucan or they’re on various supplements, can they be stopped all of a sudden or should we wean off of these therapies?”. In my experience, the bulk of biomedical therapies that are given, if there is a plateauing, and you’re seeing no longer improvement in the initial benefits that you saw, it’s perfectly appropriate, and certainly work with your doctor on this, but in my experience, to stop those therapies without any ill effects.

Correct Time to Stop Biomedical Autism Treatment

And what I mean by that is there are certain medications, steroid medications, anti-depressant medications and other types of psychiatric medications that many times need to be weaned which means you need to back off slowly, so you’re transitioning from one dose to the next. But for B12, anti-fungal therapy, most supplements, that just isn’t the case, at least in my experience. So it’s not like there has to be a weaning process for all of these therapies but of course it’s something you want to work with your physician on just to make sure. But I’m often asked that in my practice “can my child stop B12 all of a sudden or do we need to wean it down?” No, in my experience, if it’s time to stop it, if it seems appropriate to stop it, it can just be stopped and then certainly restarted at a later time for autism treatment.

So, the bulk of therapies are like that. There’s not dangerous reactions that are going to occur, we’re not putting kids on highly toxic substances here, or highly stressful medications. Certainly as I mentioned some of the medications like that if there’s ever a question about that you certainly need to work with your doctor and ask them but the bulk of biomedical therapies the things that kids are typically on from supplements, the anti-fungals and whatnot, if they need to be stopped, they generally can be stopped right away without having to wean off of them as autism treatment.

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