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Autism Treatment – Respen-A, Supplement Avoidance and Autism

Posted on 25 January 2011 by admin

In part 2 of this 2 part series on autism treatment using Respen-A, we will discuss other recommended supplements to stop while using Respen-A. There’s also been a discussion about high dose antioxidants. Again, another issue is a lot of kids on the Autism spectrum have, they’re just too much oxidative stress going on, so they’re on a lot of supplements. But there’s always that potential whenever a child is on a lot of supplements, a lot of antioxidants, that they may be getting too much and it’s hard to know sometimes it’s very difficult for a doctor to absolutely know how much supplement any one child needs, even the testing sometimes is inconclusive. So the rule of thumb with Respen-A autism treatment has been, if at all possible, is try and reduce the amount of supplements your kids are on just so we initially before starting so we can really try to get a true read on how well this therapy is working and then it can be adjusted later, it can always be added back later.

Autism Treatment With Respen-A

Because it has been found that too many antioxidants may have somewhat of an inhibiting effect. It’s not that these supplements have a toxic effect, but they just seem to inhibit some of the positive benefit that we see with Respen-A. High dose vitamin D is something that is quite popular in the Autism community clearly there’s a number of kids that seem to show deficits in vitamin D, and there’s been some discussion about modifying the vitamin D dosing because of the Respen-A therapy as well as a few other supplements like B6 or GABA or whatnot. The main one that I have seen in my practice clinically, that I can really with confidence say that I feel has inhibited the positive, the early benefits of Respen-A have been the essential fatty acid supplements and so when I start a child off on this form of autism treatment, I really check to make sure if they’re on it and we try to wean them off or get them off it at least three weeks prior to starting the autism treatment.

Respen-A Could be the Autism Treatment For You

Like I mentioned before, it takes about three weeks to see some of the positive influence of being off that supplement and seeing the positive influence of the Respen-A. So, again, there’s always more to learn and as a parent or if you’re a physician watching this, I really encourage you to study this to research this more. As I mentioned in the last video, there is a Facebook page now that is available for Respen-A that you can post questions to and I also have a tremendous amount of information on my membership site at www.AutismActionPlan.com and that’s a place that you can reach me as well and ask questions with respect to more things regarding my clinical experience in using this autism treatment.

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Autism Treatment – Respen-A, Essential Fatty Acids and Autism

Posted on 24 January 2011 by admin

In autism treatment, I’m often asked about some of the other supplement recommendations that are being recommended when kids go on Respen-A and this too has created some controversy within the biomedical community. And like any new therapy there’s always going to be people who question it and whatnot and that’s a healthy thing actually. Whenever new information is presented or new therapies are presented, there’s a lot of questions to ask and these questions need to be answered. So that’s appropriate and I have no problem with that.

Essential Fatty Acids as Autism Treatment

When I first started using this treatment, the main recommendation that was used was to stop essential fatty acid supplements, cod liver oil, fish oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, whatever it was. And initially I had some difficulty with that because I’ve seen a lot of kids get benefit from essential fatty acid supplements, and we know that many kids on the Autism spectrum have problems with their diet, very limiting in what they eat and they may not be getting enough nutrients. So adding in essential fatty acids as autism treatment for a lot of kids has been helpful.

Cod liver oil has been helpful we know for a lot of visual issues and visual stimulation problems that kids have had and I’ve clearly seen them in my practice too where a lot of times kids visual stimming diminishes or completely goes away when they’re on cod liver oil. When I first started using Respen-A, I wasn’t taking kids off of fish oil, and some kids seem to do fine, some parents took their kids off the supplements anyway, but I was sort of approaching it with “well let’s go ahead and let it stay there and we’ll change it later if we need to”. I then started running into situations where I was recognizing that certain kids clearly weren’t getting the early benefit that I was hoping to see. And so, reluctantly, early on I went ahead and said “hey, let’s at least take that supplement out and let’s see how we do with this Respen-A as autism treatment can always add it back”.

Autism Treatment – How Respen-A, Essential Fatty Acids Works

Well, what I’ve recognized is there is a difference in how Respen-A works when a child is on an essential fatty acid product and when they’re not. It just seems to, in the majority of cases, it seems to work better. It’s not to say that it doesn’t work in some kids who are on essential fatty acid supplements, the vast majority of kids it does seem to work better. Now I’ve had some kids who we took off of the essential fats in autism treatment, and it seems to be about a three week time frame, by the way, of when they need to come off. We start it and maybe a couple months later we add it back and there’s been some kids that it did not have a detrimental drop in their benefits so I’m ok with that. Like anything, all kids, they’re all individuals, they’re all different, no two usually react exactly the same way to any autism treatment.

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Autism Treatment – Respen A, Reserpine and Cancer

Posted on 11 January 2011 by admin

Some people have brought up the concern in autism treatment about Reserpine being associated with cancer. There were some early studies using rats and mice that actually showed that Reserpine led to an increase in what was called mammary tumors, seminal vesicle tumors, as well as tumors of the adrenal glands. In these rats and mice though, they were using dosages of Reserpine a hundred times more than was being used by any human, particularly people who were using Reserpine for high blood pressure remember that was a point one to point five milligram dose.

Using Reserpine for High Blood Pressure in Autism Treatment

In autism treatment, there were about three studies that came out that showed a link between Reserpine in women who were using Reserpine for high blood pressure, but in 1985 in the annals of internal medicine there was an article that reported nine additional studies that refuted those claims and they actually pointed to flaws that indicated those earlier studies pointing to a link of Reserpine were in error. At this point, there appears to be no indication that Reserpine at the doses that were used for high blood pressure and certainly the dosages that are the doses being used in Respen-A have any indication of increased cancer risk. Matter of fact,in autism treatment Reserpine has been shown to not only have a positive influence on hepatic cancer, but in early colon cancer it seems to be useful as well and may even be preventative for colon cancer, so the reverse is true, that Reserpine, in moderate dosages may have a beneficial influence on those particular types of cancers.

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Autism Treatment – Respen-A, Pharmacies, Prescriptions and Autism Treatment

Posted on 10 January 2011 by admin

A number of people undergone autism treatment have asked is Respen, Respen-A, Reserpine, a homeopathic medication. What Reserpine is listed not only as an allopathic drug, but through a system called the HPUS as a homeopathic medication. Now the dosages in Respen-A are considered of a homeopathic range. Now there may be some arguments in the autism treatments that happen between conventional homeopaths and whatnot but the dosages typically listed in the Respen-A of .01 milligrams are considered homeopathic at least through the HPUS system.

Explanation of a Prescription in Autism Treatment

Now, it is a prescription item and the reason it’s a prescription item is it’s not currently manufactured which means it has to be compounded. So any medication, even if you add a flavoring to it, so if you take Nystatin for example; and you have a powder and you want it created in an oral suspension, you have to add flavoring to it by definition, that would be a prescription item, or would need to be compounded through a compounding pharmacy. If you took Aspirin, which is over the counter, and wanted to have it turned into an oral Aspirin, for example, that would by law be a prescription item because it’s being altered, flavoring is being added to it, making it an oral suspension, therefore making it a prescription item. So, it is a prescription item, it does need a doctor’s prescription because it’s not being manufactured it has to be compounded and prepared therefore it has to be prepared through a compounding pharmacy.

Pharmacies that Dispense Respen-A with Autism Treatment
There are a number of pharmacies around the country now that are using it as an autism treatment, the main one up in Washington, called Custom Prescription Shoppe, is dispensing it. There are a few others, Hopewell Pharmacy, I know in New Jersey is dispensing it, Wellness Pharmacy down in Alabama is dispensing it and there may be a few others at this recording that are prescribing it as well that I’m not aware of and there may be certainly in the future, others that are using it being that this is recording in October of 2010, but primarily right now, there’s three main pharmacies that are dispensing Respen-A and I believe there’s also one in Canada as well. So if you want to find out a pharmacy in your area, you can go to www.respen-a.com.

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