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Autism Treatment – Regression, Gut Problems and Autism Part 2 of 2

Posted on 09 May 2011 by admin

Autism Treatment – And what I’ve seen in having these kids, I wish I could do more, but in having had many of these kids evaluated by doing intestinal scoping through a gastro-enterologist is you will often find inflamed guts and what is characteristic of Autistic enterocolitis. Now, the main doctor I refer people to from a pediatric gastroenterologist is Dr. Krigsman who’s in Texas. He’s been my sort of go-to doctor for these types of assessments now for years. The reality is in my experience there just aren’t a lot of doctors around who are willing to evaluate kids on the spectrum from a GI perspective to level that they need to be evaluated and really understand the complexities of it. And what I’ve seen through doctor Krigsman’s assessments is that these children have inflamed guts, sometimes quite significant, but kids have an amazing ability to compensate for pain.

Gut Problems with Autism Treatment

So they’re not all manifesting with extreme pain or distress. We just have this cyclical nature of improvement, this waxing and waning effect of improvement then worsening, improvement and worsening, and over and over and over. Many times it very characteristic of Crohn’s disease which can tend to have a waxing and waning effect. If you have a child that you’re suspicious that this may be going on actually go and read about Crohn’s disease in kids. I think what you’ll see is you’ll see a lot of things in the classic description of Crohn’s autism treatment that tends to fit the bowel patterns of many kids on the Autism spectrum. So I wanted to make you aware of that because it’s something that I realize it’s frustrating and it’s an ongoing battle but if you’ve been battling this over and over and over for months if not years then I really encourage you to look to have your child evaluated from a pediatric gastroenterologist specialist who is familiar with the complexities of Autism to see about what exactly is going on in your child’s gut.

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