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Autism Treatment – Heavy Metals, Other Testing and Treating Autism

Posted on 14 March 2011 by admin

Autism Treatment with other treatments

This is the sixth and final video of autism treatment in this series of heavy metal testing videos. I wanted to just mention there are some other specialized tests for heavy metals. Some of the labs, Neuro Science for example, carries a blood test that looks at immune system reactivity to heavy metals in the body. And this can be important because we know that heavy metals like aluminum, for example, can be a triggering event for allergy. And certainly heavy metals, as I mentioned aluminum and others, if they’re stimulating an allergic reaction or a sensitivity reaction can be a generating factor with respects to inflammation, particularly through immune activation.

So these are unique tests for autism treatment that do indicate a level of susceptibility of heavy metal toxicity triggering immune system activity and could be a clue for a particular child who seems to have immune dysfunction, seems to have a lot of immune inflammation, and seems to just have a wide variety of immune over-reactivity. Whether that’s to things in the environment, whether that’s to food, whether that to things going on in their own body which would be things that would be triggering auto immune reactions. So again, this is another way of assessing for heavy metal toxicity most specifically to heavy metal toxicity generating immune activity, inflammation, and hyper reactivity within the body.

So I hope that you found this information useful. I realize it’s a lot of information it’s certainly a lot of information to try to get through in a clear and concise fashion through these videos. If you do have more questions about heavy metal toxicity, heavy metal testing, and certainly about heavy metal treatment, I encourage you to visit me on my website at www.autismactionplan.com. On that website I have a tremendous amount of information about a wide variety of biomedical topics. But specifically with respects to this topic, I have video presentations on heavy metal toxicity, I have written material on treatment protocols. As I mentioned before, I have an entire section on how to interpret a hair analysis with respects to mineral transport issues secondary to heavy metals. And of course most importantly is your ability to ask questions to me on the parent forum on a daily basis if you choose on a wide variety of biomedical topics.

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