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Autism Treatment – The Great Plains Laboratory Organic Acid Test in Autism Treatment

Posted on 12 September 2010 by admin

If you don’t know about the new Organic Acid Test from Great Plains Laboratory I would highly recommend checking it out. I’ve been using the Great Plains Organic Acid Test now in my practice for many many years found it incredible as far as it’s information with it’s respects to yeast, bacteria, other metabolic disorders. Really its a mainstay type of test for my practice. And the new markers that they’ve recently added have added a whole other level of clinical insight.

A couple examples is there’s some indicators now of mitochondrial dysfunction and we know that mitochondrial problems can be a big issue for individuals on the Autism spectrum. There’s also some other things such as quinolinic acid, cyanuric acid  and the ratios between these different bio markers that are important. Particularly with respects to neurological inflammation things that activate excitotoxicity in the brain and ways to remedy that. So some new information there that’s very very important.

They’ve also included some other indicators with respects to potential chemical toxicity and of course the rest of the test which is very comprehensive as I mentioned before for yeast, bacteria, and other types of metabolic imbalances. So again, the new Great Plains Laboratory test with the new biomarkers is very important. If you don’t have access to it, it is something that I provide through the www.AutismActionplan.com website, this is where you can actually become a member on a monthly basis and you can actually order that test on your own and there’s an interpretive center in that website as well that helps you interpret many of these types of biomarkers and of course, I’m available all the time for questions and answers through the parent forum. So again, check that test out I think you’ll find it very very helpful when you’re looking to assess your child with respects to metabolic imbalances; yeast, bacteria, and other toxins which we know affect many many children greatly.

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