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Autism Recovery – Constipation and Tru Fiber

Posted on 07 December 2009 by admin

We know that constipation can be a big problem for kids on the spectrum. I have talked about this in previous recordings. There is an excellent fiber supplement which you can get. New Beginnings Nutritionals has a product called Tru Fiber.

Tru Fiber is a granule form of fiber, it is very easy to mix into juice or water and does not have a bad taste. Kids take Tru Fiber in my practice without issue. The dose of Tru Fiber is anywhere between ½ – 1 scoop 1 to 3 times per day, you kind of have to regulate it with your child to see what helps. Most kids in my practice are using 1 scoop twice a day in many cases.

Tru Fiber is a good fiber source and the other benefit to the Tru Fiber it that it is what is called a prebiotic. Prebiotics are various substances that help to support the underlying natural bacteria in the digestive tract. The digestive system is full of natural bacterial, acidophilus bifidobacter for example. You can think about Tru Fiber as fertilizer for those natural bacterial. And if you are using any kind of probiotic whether it is Culturelle, Therbiotic complete, Probiotic Support formula, etc. there is a wide variety of probiotics, which are bacterial supplements on the market. Those help supply natural bacteria to the digestive system. The Tru Fiber taken along with those probiotics essentially is like giving a fertilizer to help the probiotic to help with natural growth of the natural bacteria in the digestive system.

So not only is Tru Fiber a good fiber source to help your child have more regular bowel movements but it is like fertilizer in essence for the natural bacteria. Again the product is called Tru Fiber and you can get it from New Beginnings Nutritionals.

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