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Biomedical Treatment – The Mother Cub Show and Autism

Posted on 18 July 2011 by admin

I wanted to introduce you to Susan Lynn Perry. Susan is a mother of a child with Autism and she has been hosting a radio program now, something called the Mother Cub show and you can find out more information if you go to her blogsite at mothercub.com. She has also has a cook book, she’s written a number of other books as well, useful articles. And I am a biomedical specialist guest that comes on her show once a month, generally the last Wednesday of every month. We have a discussion about biomedical intervention, whether it is yeast problems or gut problems or supplements, we’ve talked about biofilms, we’ve talked about heavy metal toxicity and testing, chelation therapy and a host of other topics. Susan is great and the information she provides, not only when I am on the segment or on her show, but other guests that she has as well, I think you will find it very, very useful. So again find out about her show, it is called the Mother Cub show. Go to her website at mothercub.com, sign up as a guest, check out the show, it occurs once a well, I think you will find it very helpful.

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