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Autism Supplements & Vitamins – Syndion

Posted on 15 July 2010 by admin

If you are looking for a really great, well rounded, combination supplement, something that covers vitamins, something that covers minerals, something that covers antioxidants. I have seen very good success with a product that was actually created by Jim Adams. Jim Adams is a PhD researcher out of Arizona State University, been in the biomedical community for Autism for many, many years. It is called Syndion or Syndion SF. If you go to www.autismsupplementscenter.com you can look up Syndion and what you’ll see, it’s actually a liquid and it’s a wonderful product that is a combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You really cover three important supplement groups in one supplement.

So on the website as well there will be a dosing chart based on the child’s weight of how much to take. It is generally taken twice a day and can be mixed in a variety of different types juices. For some kids that need that sort of thing, if the taste doesn’t quite agree with them then you can mix it into different types of things. So if you have a child who has difficulty swallowing capsules or has some swallowing issues or sensitivity issues with respects to taste, Syndion is a great product. So again it covers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are very important things that are commonly lacking in individuals on the Autism spectrum.

Whenever you implement a new supplement like this, some things that you are looking for as far as improvements may be better language, the child having better eye contact, looking like they are recognizing things in their environment more. Maybe there is better mood, more comprehension, there is a wide variety of things that are happening but it is usually helping in those major areas that we know are affected in Autism. And that is the socialization issue, the language/communication issue, the higher cognitive functioning, the attention, focusing and in some respects some of the self-stimulatory behavior and that stereotypical behavior. We can’t expect a particular supplement to do all things that we are looking for but you know as far as something to just help improve your child’s health and give them the nutrients they need this Syndion is an excellent place to start.

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