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Autism Treatment – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Autism

Posted on 08 December 2009 by admin

I wanted to talk to you real briefly about hyperbaric oxygen therapy what is also called HBOT. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been a very effective therapy for many kids on the Autism spectrum and there are a couple of reasons why. What they have found from testing standpoint is that many kids are lacking blood flow to certain parts of the brain, particularly to the temporal lobe which is on the side of the head. When you get a lack of blood flow in those areas, it can greatly compromise particularly things like speech. We know that that is something that is happening with some kids. And when you are having a lack of blood flow many times it is caused by inflammation, We know that neuro inflammation or inflammation mediated through the immune system for a variety of reasons can cause a lack of blood flow to certain parts of the brain and that can create problems as I mentioned before, speech.

So hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one therapy that can help not only increase oxygen carrying capacity into the brain which helps metabolic function of the brain but also there is another effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it seems to help reduce inflammation, particularly neurological inflammation. We know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used for many, many years with all different types of health conditions. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was primarily used in medicine in individuals with skin infections or burns or whatnot, things that are affecting their skin.

But we know from other medical uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy is now being used in things like autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, it is being used for patients with diabetes and sometimes even heart disease. But hyperbaric oxygen therapy’s primary use in the Autism community is to help very much with kids improve their cognitive ability, help with their speech, help decrease inflammation, help oxygen carrying capacity through their body, help their over all metabolism as well as decrease the chemical mediators that seem to increase inflammation.

So there is a lot to learn about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There are a lot of wonderful places that provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There are freestanding clinics or you can get hyperbaric oxygen therapy in your home. You can bring a rentable chamber into your home. I have a lot of information on my biomedical website regarding the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Autism at www.autismactionplan.org.  I have a whole video series as well as biomedical protocols on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy so check it out. It is called HBOT and I think it can be a useful thing to consider for you child as a part of their overall biomedical treatment program.

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