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Autism Treatment – How to Use Supplements to Treat Autism, Part 1

Posted on 20 April 2010 by admin

Let me talk to you a little bit about how to use supplements as a treatment for Autism. Now we know that many individuals on the Autism spectrum have core issues with socialization problems, language problems, behavioral problems, stereotypical behaviors, sensory issues, self stimulatory behavior, etc. There can be a number of ways to intervene, whether it is through behavioral therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc. There are a wide variety of supplements obviously that are used and available to help treat some of the core problems. And the way you many times have to decide what to use is certainly to learn about what some of the different types of treatments are.

I have created a website called www.AutismSupplementCenter.com and in this website you can actually research supplements by name so if you are looking for a particular multi-vitamin or if you are looking for a specific amino acid like Gaba or Taurine or a probiotic you can search for it that way. But you can also search for supplements as treatment groups or treatment categories. So let’s say you are looking for supplements that are known to help with hyperactivity or supplements that are known to help with attention and focusing issues. You can search for things on this website in that way as well.

So it is important when you are looking at supplements to understand that many times supplements work synergistically with each other, which means that the more things you use many times the cumulative effect you are going to have. It is not just always about one supplement but about doing a total nutritional program to really get the desired effect. Many of these supplements are encapsulated, there are some liquids and each kid is going to be a little bit different about what they will tolerate. If you have a young child who can’t swallow capsules then many times you have to either open the contents of the capsules in juice or pear sauce, apple sauce or in some sort of food item to get them to take it. Kids who can swallow capsules it is usually not a problem, they can easily swallow them. Some of the liquid supplements can easily be mixed many times in juices of various degrees, pineapple juice or mango juice or other citrus juice.

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