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Autism Treatment – How To Use Supplements to Treat Autism, Part 2 of 2

Posted on 21 April 2010 by admin

Each autism supplement has its own unique effect on the body. So when I am looking at supplement therapy, when I first start supplements, I am looking just to cover our bases if you will. I have seen many kids who have very limited diets. The first thing I am going to do is fill in those holes nutritionally by using a multi-vitamin, a multi-mineral, some type of antioxidant, maybe some zinc, calcium and magnesium, just to add back nutrients that many kids aren’t getting from their limited diet. From there I will look specifically at particular problems.

If we have a child who has anxiety issues then I may look to use something like Gaba or Taurine or something called Theanine. These are all helpful remedies because they help influence calming in the brain. If I have a child who has attention and focusing problems I might lean more towards something like methyl B-12 which we know can help with attention or DMG which is called Dimethylglycine because it has a specific effect on the brain and it helps to improve attention issues.

If I have a child where I have done testing or am suspicious that they have an underlying yeast problem, their behavior they have goofiness, giddiness, silliness, a lot of inappropriate laughter, self-stimulatory behavior, which are all very characteristic of an underlying yeast problem I’ll look to implement some of the different types anti-yeast natural remedies. Grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, uva ursi, goldenseal, something called Allicin which is an extract of garlic. All of these things are useful to help reduce the intestinal yeast problems that many kids have and we know that intestinal yeast and the chemicals it produces can create problems neurologically.

When you are looking to do supplements it is first and foremost important just to cover your basis with a good nutritional program and then start to analyze specific problems and start to use things specifically in those areas, hyperactivity, eye contact, etc., the things that I have discussed. You can search this website and other information I have created to inform yourself even more about supplement therapy. It is a learning process but well worth your time in helping your child.

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