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Autism Treatment – Heavy Metals, Hair Analysis and Treating Autism

Posted on 08 March 2011 by admin

Heavy Metals and Hair Analysis in Autism Treatment Part 2

As a continuation of the first video, now we will go deeper into a discussion on hair analysis as autism treatment. So what is the hair analysis? The hair analysis is a screening assessment for heavy metal exposure. It generally gives an idea about what metals have been exposed to in the past and really what is in circulation and body tissues, let’s say minimally over the past 10 – 12 weeks. Although the exposure certainly could have been done or come about some time ago. So when you see something being excreted in the hair it is an indication that metal was at some point in time at a high level and the body is making an attempt to get rid of it. So it is a test of exposure. It doesn’t tell you specifically where the heavy metal is or how much is really in the body.

There has been talk about hair analysis with respects to mercury that if you are not seeing mercury show up in a hair analysis then that could mean that the child is retaining that mercury and therefore not releasing it and that certainly can be true. The other possibility is that nothing is showing up in the hair test because there really hasn’t been significant exposure. So you kind of have to think about these things and not automatically think that just because a metal is low in the hair that automatically means that their body is not getting rid of it. It can be a situation where they just didn’t have significant exposure.

The area on the hair analysis called the essential minerals does show some patterns that can be indicative of mineral transport problems that are correlated to heavy metal toxicity. I actually have a section on my website, my membership site at www.autismactionplan.com that specifically goes through how to analyze a hair analysis with respects to the essential minerals section to determine if there a high probability of heavy metal toxicity and mineral transport problems. It is an in-depth process to do that. So again, real quickly, a hair analysis is a good screening tool to get an idea of the potential for heavy metal exposure and the potential for heavy metal toxicity. On an initial workup for autism treatment, I will generally do the hair analysis along with what’s called a porphyrin analysis to really help bring together the full picture if we are really dealing with a significant problem with heavy metals. And I am going to talk about porphyrin analysis in the next video.

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Autism Treatment – Heavy Metal Testing, Hair Analysis and Treating Autism

Posted on 07 March 2011 by admin

Autism Treatment – Choosing the Right Heavy Metal Testing

I want to take a little time and go through some information with respects to heavy metal testing as one process of autism treatment. There is a lot of confusion within the medical community, whether that is the traditional medical community or the biomedical community that’s dealing primarily with Autism, about what some of these different types mean. Which tests you should do first, which tests you should do second, and really how to integrate all of that information. This video is actually going to be broken up probably into 2 maybe even 3 videos because I don’t want to make them too long. So let’s lay things out if we can.

There are many different types of tests in autism treatment. We know that many kids on the Autism spectrum have heavy metal exposure. That is not unique because people in our general population, you and me, have been exposed to heavy metals as well. What makes kids on the spectrum unique is that many of them have weaknesses in their ability to detoxify these heavy metals. So they have become more susceptible to the adverse problems that heavy metals bring. Mercury for example likes to go to the brain and the nervous tissues. We know that it can disrupt nerve function, brain function, etc. But other heavy metals can disrupt body chemistry as well, we know there is problems with lead, we know there is problems with aluminum and arsenic so its not just mercury. It could be a culmination of different heavy metal exposures.

Heavy Metal Testing Through Hair Analysis

One of the first things I do in my practice of autism treatment is when I am doing a general screen for heavy metals is I will run a hair analysis. Now I primarily use two different labs or hair analysis from two labs, one being Great Plains or Doctor’s Data. Essentially they are the same tests so I am not ordering both tests from both labs I am ordering either from Doctor’s Data or Great Plains. The reason I like their test is there is a lot of data behind it with respects to clinical significance as well as interpretive knowledge about how to implement what the different markers mean with respects to their clinical presentation of that particular patient or that child. So again Great Plains has a hair analysis, Doctor’s Data has a hair analysis, essentially they are the same test so either one is fine. If you have insurance, then Great Plains can be a great place to go. Some of the other labs don’t necessarily accept insurance. We will cover more information about heavy metals testing in my next video.

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