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Autism Treatment – Fever Remedies and Autism, Part 1

Posted on 04 May 2011 by admin

I am often asked what can be used as autism treatment for the things to reduce fevers. A lot of kids are given Tylenol as sort of the mainstay as a fever reducer either when they are sick or sometimes parents are given that recommendation prior to giving a vaccine or if they’ve had a vaccine and they are getting a fever to take Tylenol. There has actually been some research that has been shown that Tylenol can be suppressive on a chemical called glutathione. Glutathione is the most abundant, most powerful antioxidant in our body. Glutathione is important for protecting our cells against toxicity, it is also important in autism treatment for helping support detoxification, it has a regulating function over our immune system so it is a pretty important chemical that our body needs. For many kids, they are actually deficient in glutathione. So generally I don’t recommend Tylenol as a fever reducer.

Fever Reliever with Autism Treatment

If we need to use a fever reliever at all, then what I will tend to use is Ibuprofen which is not going to have that suppressive effect on glutathione like Tylenol and it is generally effective. Now the question comes up, when do you really need to reduce a fever? And generally a low fever, 100, 101, 101.5 even sometimes 102 for most kids is not going to really warrant having to reduce their fever unless there is some situation of a febrile seizure history or concern such as that. In many kids the fever, in most people, the fever is actually our friend because it shows that the immune system is active, you are having increased metabolic activity, increased enzyme turnover to just help overall with the immune system and the fighting of that infection. So just automatically reducing the fever in autism treatment is not always helpful or advantageous.

Now the policy I have always had is that if the child is just lethargic, they are not eating, they are not drinking and they are really, really miserable or they are not sleeping because they have a high fever then certainly using something like Motrin to bring it down can be advantageous because sleep is critically important in autism treatment. If there is a history of febrile seizures then certainly. If you are getting fevers upwards of 102.8, 103 of course at that point in most kids and most people are going to be pretty miserable so I would look to reduce the fever at that point. And clearly you want to be able to discuss these things with your child’s pediatrician or family doctors as well. In part 2 of this series we will talk more about the pros and cons of different fever reducers.

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