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Autism Treatment – Essential fatty acid deficiency and Autism

Posted on 09 November 2010 by admin

Essential fatty acids are something that are commonly prescribed for kids on the Autism Spectrum. And whether it’s cod liver oil or general fish oil, essential fatty acids have become an important autism treatment for many kids to just replenish some of those depleted fatty acids. Now, one clinical sign or I should say a physical examination sign that may show up is a really thick and hard ear wax.

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency in Autism Treatment

In Autism Treatment, thick and hard ear wax can be an indication of some type of essential fatty acid deficiency. Now ideally, getting an essential fatty acid test would be nice to figure out what exactly is deficient. Is it primarily EPA, or is it DHA, or some of the omega six oils are deficient. You really don’t know, unless you can actually do a thorough essential fatty acid assessment as autism treatment. Great Plains has essential fatty acid assessments as well as some of the other labs also have that type of testing as well. That’s really the definitive answer of exactly what is deficient. Because we can assume that something is deficient but that may not always be. However, if you’re noticing or your doctor has noticed, or your pediatrician has noticed that your child’s earwax is really hard and thick, they you are probably dealing with some sort of essential fatty acid deficiency.

A general, easy way to go is some type of fish oil product that has EPA and DHA in it. And that can be something useful to try to replace. Cod liver oil is also generally an easy thing to give. A lot of kids get benefit, Autistic kids get benefit from cod liver oil not only because of the essential fatty acid component but many kids get benefit because of the natural vitamin A that’s in that product as well. Usually a teaspoon, maybe two teaspoons a day of cod liver oil seems to be very helpful. One of the things that the cod liver oil is helpful for many times is visual stimming. Some kids are not side glancing as much as they used to, a lot of the visual stimming tends to decrease. So, again, from the physical examination standpoint, thick hard earwax can be an indication of essential fatty acid deficiency. Essential fatty acid replacement therapy is appropriate in most of those situations as autism treatment.

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