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Autism Treatment – How Long Do Parents Need To Do Therapies For Their Autistic Children? Part 2 of 2

Posted on 13 July 2010 by admin

In the first part of this 2 part series we discussed how some biomedical interventions for Autism can replace some medications that are used to treat Autism and also just how safe these therapies are. But, there is also no set timeframe to expect when using a biomedical approach. And in speaking about very safe, and well proven therapies, inevitably the gluten and casein free diet is discussed. Some wonder how this diet could be around for so long. Well a good reason is because it works for a good portion of individuals, it does not work for everyone but many, many people see good results on it. On average it is effective for 65% – 70% of the kids I see in my practice and I know other physicians from around the country who have similar results from just implementing the diet alone.

Another important intervention includes supplement therapy because what supplement therapy does is fill in those nutritional gaps. The deficiencies can include things like B vitamins, essential fats, zinc or other minerals, or other vitamins. And when there is a deficiency you do want to supplement for it. Many children with Autism tend to have very limited diets and are not getting the nutrients they need. So it is quite clear as to why you would want to use some specific supplements to support these nutritional needs.

I have a website at www.autismsupplementscenter.com that has a great deal of information on it about supplements. I have videos that I have created on the website where I discuss supplements that are useful for individuals on the Autism spectrum. I also have supplements broken down into categories so you can learn more about supplements that can aid with various issues. For example you can look up what supplements are helpful for hyperactivity or which supplements can aid with sleep problems or which supplements are helpful for constipation. I have created a ton of useful information that is available on the internet. I also do monthly webinars through www.Greatplainslaboratory.com where I cover different topics in regards to biomedical interventions. So there is a lot of information out there to help you improve your child’s quality of life. What you need is to investigate, open your mind and take the time to learn more.

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