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Autism Treatment – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, different types of chambers

Posted on 22 February 2010 by admin

Let’s expand a little bit on the topic of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There’s a number of things to consider with respects to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We know that it’s been a very effective therapy for many individuals on the autism spectrum. As I mentioned before, in a previous recording, it can very much help with decreasing inflammation in the body, neurological inflammation, and helping to improve oxygen flow to the brain which helps to improve overall metabolism. So any time you’re improving oxygen flow to the brain, you’re going to have a beneficial impact in many of those areas that may not be getting enough oxygen. And so we’ve seen it be helpful in areas of speech, in eye contact, in socialization, improved behavior, improved sleep, a lot of benefits to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

A couple different ways of doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy; one is to actually go to a clinic. In the clinic usually they’re going have what are called hard shell chambers which have varying levels of atmospheric depth that they can go to, anywhere between one atmosphere all the way to one point five to one point seven five, two point atmospheres and above. For most individuals on the autism spectrum, we’re treating at about one point three to one point five atmospheres.

Now there are also what are called inflatable chambers and these chambers generally go to one point three atmospheres, some actually go to one point five, but most go to one point three, and these are actually chambers that can be rented or purchased and brought into the home, and kids get benefit that way as well.

Now the oxygen concentration can be different. Usually when you’re in a hard shell chamber in a clinic, they’re actually delivering pure grade oxygen at about a hundred percent. With the inflatable chambers that are done in the home, generally what’s being used is called an oxygen concentrator which filters out room air oxygen and helps to filter out the nitrogen in the air and concentrates oxygen that’s delivered through a tube into the chamber. Now those are not delivering a hundred percent oxygen; you may be getting anywhere between fifty to sixty, seventy, maybe seventy five percent oxygen through an oxygen concentrator which can certainly be beneficial and many kids can get good success from that.

But I just wanted you to be aware that there is some differences in the way hyperbaric is done. So we have the clinic based chambers which are generally the hard shelled  chambers; they can go to higher pressures with higher oxygen concentration and then we have the inflatable chambers which deliver lower oxygen concentration and lower pressures. There’s benefits with  both, so just be aware of that.

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