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Common “Typical” Signs of Autism

Posted on 06 September 2011 by admin

Autism as a diagnosis is established based on specific observed behaviors. In addition, there are also various language problems and social interaction issues. No two autistic individuals, whether they are a child, teenager or adult, are exactly the same. Each individual had their own unique wants and desires. Biomedical autism treatments such as dietary changes, supplement therapy and others can help with many of the core autism problems.

Every person with autism has their own unique personality that manifests in a variety of ways. For example, one child can be affectionate, while another appears more aloof. The same thing can be seen with behaviors where one person can be quick to tantrum or be aggressive, while another is calm and non-assertive. There are many interventions that can be utilized to help such as behavioral therapy and autism biomedical treatments.

Language problems, including both receptive and expressive is a major problem in autism. Some individuals are mildly affected, while others have a complete loss of speech. Once again, biomedical autism treatments such as Methyl-B12, folinic acid and Respen-A therapy have helped many with language problems.

Listed below are some core signs of autism that you should be aware of. Even though the severity of symptoms varies from person to person, each person with autism will likely have some issue from each category:

Communication and Language

Lack in speech or limited language development.

Echolalia (as a stereotypical behavior). This sign of autism manifests as repeating something over and over such as a phrase from a video or movie.

Difficulty initiating or maintaining conversation.

Difficulty understanding the nuisances of communication such as humor or concern.

Note: In addition to speech therapy commonly which is commonly implemented for these problems, biomedical autism treatments can help with language development too. I have treated many children in my practice with significant language problems and seen very positive response. One child in particular went from 30 words to over 300 words in 3 weeks with the use of Methyl-B12 therapy.

Social Engagement and Awkwardness

Poor eye contact, poor recognition of facial expressions or body posturing. Lack of social cues recognition

Decreased or absent interest in sharing enjoyment, i.e. playfulness with other people. Lack of humor appropriate for age.

Lack or diminished interest in developing friendships. Overall poor social engagement.
Empathy is lacking. Poor or complete lack of awareness for another person’s pain, desires, or ambitions. Rigid in thinking.

Needs constant order and structure.

Note: Many biomedical autism treatments such as Methyl-B12 therapy and/or the gluten/casein-free diet can help particularly with better eye contact and awareness of others.

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