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Autism Treatment – Detoxification & Clay Baths

Posted on 07 June 2010 by admin

Let me tell you something about clay baths. Now clay baths have been around for quite some time in the Autism community. Clay baths are used primarily for children who are sitting in the bath tub to help with detoxification. Now at first I was a little skeptical of clay bath treatments, wasn’t quite sure how this would fit in, how it would work, particularly when you are talking about metal toxicity or metal detox. But I have found now over time with many parents coming back, particular parents who were looking to do things more naturally, more gently, things that they can control, things they can purchase on their own, clay baths seem to have a beneficial influence for the majority of kids who are using them. So I have had some very good feedback from parents stating such that they really liked the effects the clay baths can have. So what I just wanted to point out to you is that I think this is a viable therapy, it is something you can look to do with your child.

Clay baths aren’t something from my experience that have really worked immediately meaning that you do a clay bath and within 2 or 3 days there is some immediate positive changes but it is something that helps over time. Whether it is with eye contact, whether it is sleeping problems, whether it is behavioral issues, I can’t clearly say that a clay bath treatment or one specific clay bath remedy is going to have a specific targeted effect on a behavioral issue. It just seems to help overall with kids being more clear, being more healthy and just being more well adjusted. So if you are looking to use something natural, something more gentle, something that you could purchase on your own, something that you could control in your own home, the clay bath therapy may be the way to go. There are plenty of websites on the internet that support this therapy. So check it out, do some research into it but I think you will find, for your child, particularly if your child is real young and still taking baths, obviously it is much easier to do if they are still taking baths. But clay bath therapy may be something that could help your child.

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