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Autism Treatment – Chemical Exposure, Treatments and Autism Part 2 of 2

Posted on 10 May 2011 by admin

In part 1 of this series we talked about some of the ways kids may become exposed to chemicals and how one way to help the body detox is through Epsom salt baths. Normally what I recommend for people as autism tretment is if they’ve had acute exposure that they know of, whether it’s somebody spraying in their yard or some type of exposure that they’ve gotten exposed to out in their neighborhood or out in the town then they can tend to do Epsom salt baths every day for a week to ten days. For most kids, just as a maintenance I like to see Epsom salt baths implemented three to four times per week.

Chemical Exposure with Autism Treatment

If your child has never done an Epsom salt bath in his autism treatment, I always recommend starting off slow which means basically using a low amount at first because some kids’ skin tends to me more sensitive than others and it can tend to be a bit salty. So if your child has sensitive skin, or you don’t know how they’ll react, even just starting with half a cup in their bath water as a trial in the beginning can be helpful. And then from there just try to increase it, on average for most kids, between two to three cups per bath, three to four times per week. Certainly some kids can do it more, it’s not going to be harmful to do it more, but on average you’re looking at about three to four times per week.
Now, as we head into summer or in the summer months the warmer months depending on where you live a lot of kids like to swim, and I definitely encourage swimming and outdoor activity, you get exposed to chlorine. One of the things that can be done too, is when your child’s done swimming, put them in an Epsom salt bath. If you don’t have access to a bath, what you can also use is Epsom salt cream. New Beginnings carries Epsom salt cream and you can rub just a desired amount, it could be a teaspoon, teaspoon and a half, two teaspoons, depending on the size of your child, and rub it on their skin forearms, their arms, their thighs, their back, their abdomen after swimming and it can be done a couple times a day. So it’s another way of supplementing for magnesium sulfate. So again a couple of remedies would be the Epsom salt baths and or the Epsom salt cream for autism treatment.

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