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Autism Treatment – Respen A, Reserpine and Cancer

Posted on 11 January 2011 by admin

Some people have brought up the concern in autism treatment about Reserpine being associated with cancer. There were some early studies using rats and mice that actually showed that Reserpine led to an increase in what was called mammary tumors, seminal vesicle tumors, as well as tumors of the adrenal glands. In these rats and mice though, they were using dosages of Reserpine a hundred times more than was being used by any human, particularly people who were using Reserpine for high blood pressure remember that was a point one to point five milligram dose.

Using Reserpine for High Blood Pressure in Autism Treatment

In autism treatment, there were about three studies that came out that showed a link between Reserpine in women who were using Reserpine for high blood pressure, but in 1985 in the annals of internal medicine there was an article that reported nine additional studies that refuted those claims and they actually pointed to flaws that indicated those earlier studies pointing to a link of Reserpine were in error. At this point, there appears to be no indication that Reserpine at the doses that were used for high blood pressure and certainly the dosages that are the doses being used in Respen-A have any indication of increased cancer risk. Matter of fact,in autism treatment Reserpine has been shown to not only have a positive influence on hepatic cancer, but in early colon cancer it seems to be useful as well and may even be preventative for colon cancer, so the reverse is true, that Reserpine, in moderate dosages may have a beneficial influence on those particular types of cancers.

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