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Autism Treatment – Biofilm, Candida And Bacteria Part 1

Posted on 14 December 2009 by admin

I wanted to talk to you about something called biofilms. This is going to part 1 of a 2 part video series here on biofilms because this topic is quite lengthy. Biofilms is a very interesting discovery that has been found within medicine over the past number of years it is a big problem in hospital settings and can be a source of chronic infection. In the world of engineering, particularly in water treatment facilities, they have known about biofilms for a long time as a source of water contamination but in the medical field it is just getting more recognition now.

What are biofilms? Bacteria and yeast that exist in the natural world generally live is a state of biofilm. What a biofilm is is these organisms are secreting a type of filmy substance that they surround themselves with. Not only does it act as a defense mechanism against other pathogens within the natural world but it is also a communication structure that one cell can communicate with another cell at quite a distance. In the human body we know that biofilms can accumulate on the skin, so individuals who have burns, who have ulcerations in the skin can accumulate biofilm from yeast and bacteria that can settle in those areas. But inside the digestive tract we can develop biofilms as well where yeast and bacteria secrete this biofilm structure and it is a way for them to survive for extended periods of time in these sort of complex mucous type of layers which actually makes it very difficult to eradicate. In the hospital setting they are quite a problem, biofilms can attach themselves to catheters, to plastics, they can attach themselves to metals and other types of utensils used in hospitals and this can be a recurrent source of infection for hospital patients so it is becoming more and more recognized that this is an area that needs much more research.

In the Autism community biofilms are a real entity particularly with digestive problems and the chronic nature of yeast and bacteria. It can be one reason why kids can’t actually get over their bacterial and yeast problems because essentially what is happening is nothing is being done to address the biofilm state and how these organisms are surviving. I just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a condition if you will called biofilms. There are programs, protocols to help break these biofilms down. They can be a real problem with recurrent yeast and bacterial problems.

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